Veteran Stories



2-4-1962 to 12-17-1965
Sgt. E-5
Special Forces Medic
Airborne Wings, Combat Medic Badge, Vietnam Service Medal
"A" Team Medic Atop Nui Ba Den, Tay Nihn Province, 1965
Stationed: Dong Ba Tihn, Song Be, Nha Trang, Ahn Phu, Nui Ba Den
I was in Vietnam from January 1965 until December 1965. When I began, our mission was to win the hearts and minds of the people. We were kind of an armed Peace Corps. That mission changed in about October, '65; there was a large buildup of troops. It kind of hit the fan. I remember speaking to the people, using sign language, French and Vietnamese and loud English.
2001 to Present
Lt Colonel
Air Command and Staff College, Squadron Officers School, JAG School; Air and Space Operations Course; Combat Skills
MSM, AFCM, AFAM, Joint Meritorious Unit Award, Meritorious Unit Award, Air Force, Organizational Excellence Award, National Defense Service Medal, Air Force Outstanding Unit Award, Afghanistan Campaign Medal, Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, Korean Defense Service Medal, Air Force Overseas Ribbon Short, Air Force Overseas Ribbon Long, Air Force Longevity Service Award, Air Force Training Ribbon, Non-Article 5 NATO Medal (ISAF)

Duties:  Currently, Legal Advisor for Air and Space Operations

Stationed:  Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam

I was in JAG School when 9/11 occurred. Prosecuted and defended cases, conducted accident investigations and deployed to Afghanistan as Staff Judge Advocate for 451 AEW, Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan.

US Army
November 2009 - November 2013
E4 Specialist
US Army
April 2003 - April 2011
Paralegal Specialist, Transportation Coordinator, Logistician
Stationed:  Fort Hood, Fort Lewis, Fort Eustice, Fort Benning, Fort Jackson, Camp Red Cloud
1961 to 1963
Gunnery Officer and Deck Officer
Stationed: Long Beach, CA
I served on a destroyer USS Ozbourn and the ship was on duty in the South China Seas during the Cuban missile crisis.


 US Army

1957-1961 West Point, NY 1961-1968 US Army
USMA, West Point, NY Artillery School Airborne School Transportation School
Bronze Star. Viet Nam service
Company Commander Battalion S2/S3 Corps G4 Air Instructor
Stationed: Ft MacArthur, CA Euskirchen, Germany Mannheim, Germany Long Bien, Viet Nam Ft Eustis, VA
My military experience was educational and challenging.
February 4, 1971 Through February 1, 1974.
Sargent (E-5)
Jump school, Special Forces training, Clandestine communications Language School (Persian), SADM training.
Stationed: Fort Bragg, North Carolina
My late father, Leland Preston Chase (SPHS ’34) enlisted in the U.S. Navy in 1941. He was living (after college, USC ’38) in Manila, Philippines, He completed officers candidate school at the Naval base at Subic Bay. When he was captured in December, 1941 by the invading Japanese army he held the rank of ensign. After serving for 3 ½ years in a Japanese prison camp, he was liberated by U.S. Forces. For his service, he was awarded the discharge rank of Lt. Commander. Dad was shortly thereafter recruited by the Navy to serve in Naval intelligence in Washington D.C. but turned the offer down. I might have been a Navy brat! Dad never spoke about being a POW until quite late in life. As far as we kids knew, he never harbored anger or resentment, but had an enduring love for his country, which he expressed throughout his life in word and deed. I consider my father to be, in his selfless and quiet way, an American hero.

Submitted by: Eric D. Chase SPHS ’67.

 June 1971 - June 1980
US Naval Academy
Naval Flight School
Expeditionary Medal
Nuclear Weapons Officer
Maintenance Officer
Stationed: Aircraft carrier USS Nimitz Norfolk Virginia
In April 1980, I volunteered to fly cover for an attempt to rescue 50 American hostages held in Iran. The staging platform was my aircraft carrier USS Nimitz. While helicopters flew from the Nimitz, my assignment was to fly overhead and
determine if Iran radar picked up the helicopters. We determined that Iran radar was shut down for the night. The mission still ended in tragedy for the rescue team. When asking for volunteers, every pilot aboard the Nimitz jumped out of their seats.
US Navy
July 1955 - September 1986
Submarines, Nuclear Power, Command
Medals:  Legion of Merit, Meritorius Service Medal (2), Navy Commendation Medal (3), Navy Achievement Medal
Submarine Squadron Commander, Commanding Officer Missile Submarine (4 years), Executive Officer Attack Submarine, Chief Engineer (4 years), Various engineer and operations billets
Stationed:  Long Beach, California, New London, Connecticut, Monterey, California, Charleston, South Carolina, Saratoga Springs, New York, Norfolk, Virginia, Washinton DC
Women's Army Corps, previously served in WAAC (Auxiliary Corps)
Enlisted April 15,1943. Active duty May 10,1943 - Dec. 12, 1945
Staff Sgt.
U.S. Army Finance School, 2nd WAC Class, Wake Forest College, North Carolina
Presidential Unit Citation, usual medals. (four)
Usual Finance Office duties; head of various units:officers' pay, enlisted pay, travel pay, and lastly, audit.
Stationed: Basic at Ft. Oglethorpe,GA. Started in Hq. Personnel writing special orders. Ordered to Finance School then to work in Finance Office at Camp Butner, N.C., transferred to Finance Office at Los Angeles Port of Embarkation where I stayed until discharge.
Enlisted when the war was at a low ebb. Only wanted to help and joining seemed one way to do my part. My college background was Accounting so they put me where I could use a little, although Army Accounting is nothing like civilian. I could at least add 2 and 2 so they felt Army Finance School would be the right beginning. Made good friends.
June 1961 to June 1991
CM Sgt
Senior NCO Academy
NCO Academy
Meritorious Service Medal with three oak leaf cluster
Air Force Commend
Commendation Medal with two oak leaf cluster
Air Force Achievement Medal
National Defense Service Medal
Air Force Good Conduct Medal
Deputy Director of Manpower and Personnel
Stationed:  Vandenberg AFB, California (twice)
Langekopf AS, Germany
Ramstein AB, Germany
Torrejon AB, Spain
Presidio of San Francisco, California
Randolph AFB, Texas
Clark AB, Philippines
Washington, DC
Kirtland AFB, New Mexico
 U.S. Army Special Forces
1967 - 1970
Sgt E-5
Combat Engineer and Demolition Expert- Specializing in Booby Traps, Light & Heavy Weapons Specialist and HALO Qualified ( High Altitude Low Opening) Military Free Fall School.
Stationed: Ft. Bragg, North Carolina and Ft. Gulick Canal Zone , Panama.
September 1953 - 1968
USAF flight school, aviation cadet class 56-B. Kelly Field, Texas, Marianna, Florida, Bryan AFB, Del Rio, Texas, and Las Vegas, Nevada (F-86).
Top Gun trophy, 1957 and 1958
Jet Fighter Pilot, F-86 and F-104, California and Tennessee ANG. Civilian Test Pilot and instructor pilot (F-104 Starfighter) for Lockheed California company
Stationed:  California, Florida, Texas, Nevada. Lockheed sent me to Nagoya, Japan, Izmir, Turkey, and Bodo, Norway.
Flying F-86's, the greatest flying aircraft. Flying, testing, demonstrating and instructing in the MAGNIFICENT 1400 MPH F-104 Starfighter to foreign military pilots such as German, Canadian, Japanese, Norwegian, Italian, Belgian, Dutch, and Turkish. The German and Japanese pilots were mostly World War II veterans.
Marine Corps
1981 to 2010
Started as Pvt, retired as Lt. Colonel
Officers' Candidate School (OCS)
Basic School (TBS)
Field Artillery Officers' Basic Course
Ground Intelligence Officers' Course
Marine Corps Command and Staff College
Expeditionary Warfare Course
Weapons and Tactics Instructor Course
Various Special Weapons Courses
Meritorious Service Medal
Navy-Marine Corps Commendation Medal
Navy-Marine Corps Achievement Medal
Iraq Campaign Medal w/1 star
Global War on Terrorism Medal
National Defense Medal
Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal
Sea Service Deployment Ribbon w/1 star
Several others
Artillery Officer
Infantry Officer
Intelligence Officer
Weapons and Tactics Instructor
Liaison Officer
Force Fires and Surface Fires Officer
Stationed: Quantico, VA
Ft. Sill, OK
Kaneohe Bay, HI
Camp Pendleton, CA
Camp Lejeune, NC
Iraq, Kuwait, and South Korea
Many great memories, too many to count, some really bad. From boot camp in 1982 to Desert Storm in '91, serving in numerous deployments to South Korea, to participating in the invasion of Iraq in 2003, to retiring in 2010, and many adventures in between. Made lots of great friends and lost some of them. All the ups and downs of serving in both peace and in war.
1946 -1948
Tech 5
1952 - 1980
Flight training
Survival, escape and evasion training
Air Force Institute of Technology
Command schools
Institute for Defense Analyses
Medals:  A few
Fighter pilot, instructor pilot, forward air controller, technical intelligence analysis, systems engineering management, director of operations, director of logistics
Stationed: USA, Labrador, Southeast Asia, Indonesia
Mostly good, some not so good--but I'd do it again.
August 1976 - March 1979
R&R Avionics and navigational equipment on F-15's at Langley AFB, VA
Stationed: Langley AFB, VA
Jul 1953 - Jul 1973
Lt Col
Meteorology training at UCLA
Medals, Commendations or Service Awards received: Meritorious Service Medal
Staff meteorologist - 10 years
Station commander - 4 years
Special assignment to Atomic Energy Commission - 5 years
Stationed: UCLA, Germany, Montana, Japan, Laredo, Texas, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Frederick, Maryland
I joined the service and saw the world.
US Air Force
November 6, 1965 - October 12, 1967
Jet Engine Mechanic Tech School
Jet Mechanic
Stationed:  Vandenberg AFB, Lompoc, California
Heavy AAA Maint
MOI (Methods of Instruction)
Projection School
Instructor, Skysweeper AAA
Stationed: Ft. Bliss, TX
Got caught trying to steal football helmets from West Texas State football team while drunk. 52 stitches in upper lip, 2 weeks in Army hospital. Several sorties into Juarez, Chih., Mexico
1955 - 1957
1st Lt.
OCS Leadership
Good Conduct, Army of Occupation Europe
Co Commander, 101st Airborne Division, Assistant S-3 14th AC Germany, Platoon Leader 40th Tank Batallion Germany
Stationed:  Columbia, South Carolina and Frieburg, Germany
We patroled the West German border.
I served 1963-1965 as a First Lt. and Captain in the US Army Intelligence Corps, as Aide de Camp to the Chief of the Army Intelligence Corps, MGen Richard Collins.
I was on active duty from February 1951 to November 1952; then active reserve until 1956
Army Supply School
Korea Service Ribbon
I worked in the Message Center of the Headquarters Battery of the 57th Field Artillery, 7th Division in Korea
Stationed:  My basic training took place at Camp Roberts, California before going to Korea. After my tour there, I was transferred to Fort Huachuca, Arizona
Mixed memories which stick in my mind are several:  basic training, being on a troopship sailing to Japan for a month's stay before being on a ship traveling from Sasebo, Japan to Pusan, Korea, riding north on a train and arriving and putting up a pup tent in the driving rain, and meeting and making friends with Korean soldiers (ROK))/z
Lt. Colonel
Entered West Point in July 1961, commissioned as a Second Lt in June 1965. Retired November 30, 1988
Airborne, Ranger, Field Artillery Basic Course, Field Artillery Advance Cource, Marine Corps Command and Staff College
Silver Star, Legion of Merit, Bronze Star, Air Medal, Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry, Master Parachutist Wings (award), Ranger Tab, Iranian Senior Jump wings
Duties:  Branches were Field Artillery and Special Forces (with some Special Operations time)
Stationed:  West Point, New York (Cadet); Fort Benning, GA; Lawton, OK; Viet Nam; Iran; Germany; Los Alamos, CA (to attend USC Grad School of Business); West Point, NY (staf and faculty); Quantico, VA (for Marine Corps school); Fort Bragg, NC; West Point, NY (staff and faculty again); Springfield VA (military jobs in Washington DC area)
Memories:  All good
I was in the Air Force class of 49 Service in the Air force 1951-1953 served
in North Africa worked in ammunition supply and general supply.
Stacy Jer
US Army Reserve
Stationed: Afghanistan
US Air Force
Air Medal, 2 oak leaves
Stationed: CA, ID, FL, TX, NC VietNam
February 1960 - April 1967
Stationed:  Azores, USNS Muller (TAG-171), Edzell, Scotland
Spent 2-1/2 years in Scotland, land of my mother's birth. Saw and visited many relatives there
January 28, 1964 - November 6, 1965
Specialist 4th Class
Basic Training - Fort Ord, Ca
Communications Center School - Fort Gordon, Georgia
Marksman - M14 Rifle (even thought I couldn't hit anything)
Basic training Sergeant told me I threw hand grenades as well as Audie
Murphy (or was it Eddie Murphy?)
Granted Top Secret Crypto security clearance - top at the time
Worked in 7 x 24 communication center in Pentagon and at 8th Army
Headquarters, Seoul South Korea. We received and transmitted military
intelligence from around the world
Stationed: Fort Ord, Ca - Basic Training
Fort Gordon, Georgia - Communication school
Fort Meyer, Virginia
Fort Young San , South Korea
I was pulled from formation one day while in Basic Training. The C.O. told
me I was being considered for a high level security position. From his
office, I was taken to an old empty barrack on base and given a polygraph
(lie detector) exam. Very initimidating stuff for a 22 year old. Guess I
passed since a short time later, I was given the top level security
clearance the Army had at that time. Still receiving Vet related benefits to
this day - excellent health care and a recent free buffet on Veterans day.
Very glad I had the military experience.
United States Army
22 June 2010
92Y - Unit Supply Specialist / Logisitcs
National Defense Service Ribbon, Global War on Terrorism Service Ribbon, Army Service Ribbon, Army Presidential Unit Citation Ribbon, Army Meritorious Unit Citation Ribbon, Army Superior Unit Award / Ribbon, Army Valorous Unit Citation Ribbon
Stationed: Fort Benning. GA 
 Army National Guard
March 2008-Present
Specialist (E-4)
MP School Automated Logistical Specialist
Army Commendation Medal Army Good Conduct Medal National Defense Service Medal Afghanistan Campaign Medal (w/ 1 service star) Global War On Terrorism Service Medal Armed Forces Reserve Medal (w/ M device) Army Service Ribbon Army Overseas Service Ribbon NATO Medal (Non-Article 5 for service with ISAF)
 U.S. Army -- artillery
1959 -- 1961
Specialist 4 (E-4)
Clerk-typist School
Good Conduct medal
Battery clerk (equivalent of Company clerk)
Stationed: San Rafael Nike Site (surface to air missiles), Battery C, 2nd Battalion, 30th Artillery Group
San Rafael, CA
This was a combat ready unit equipped with Nike Ajax and Nike Hercules surface to air missiles. Our mission was to shoot down enemy aircraft in the event of attacks in the Bay Area. The Hercules missiles carried atomic war heads.
I worked for a First Sergeant who retired and a succession of three different Sergeant Majors during my time with this unit.
Our unit was near the Marin County Civic Center designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. MPs and their dogs patrolled each night between two cyclone fences surrounding our launch area. We weren't supposed to tell anybody we had atomic warheads, but about every 200 yards there were signs on the outer fence that read "No admittance by order of the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission." Secret blown. Our battery commander was a captain who had received a battlefield commission in Korea.
Most of the other officers were West Point graduates. As the chief clerk I didn't pull any KP or guard duty and I had my own room in the barracks. Not bad duty. I did not see combat and I was not a hero. I was a citizen soldier (draftee) and did my job. Good enough, I guess, to be solicited by the battalion commander to re-up as the replacement for his chief clerk who was moving on. I respectfully declined and rejoined civilian life spending 40 years in the news business as a writer and editor.
US Army Reserve
Lieutenant Colonel (LTC)
Chemical Officer, Civil Affairs Officer, worked in unit training and mobilization, worked in Army Missile Defense
Stationed:  Fort Carson, CO; Fort Hood, TX; Fort Bliss, TX; Bosnia-Herzegovina; several reserve assignments on East Coast; member of the California Army National Guard and Colorado Army National Guard
8/5/1950 to 6/25/1954
Radar School
5 Service Medals
CIC radar and fleet maneuvering.
Stationed: Korea
Aerial Delivery Trainer
Staioned: Altus AFB, OK
Met my wife while stationed in Oklahoma. Just celebrated our 20 year anniversary.
Army Security Agency (ASA)
1960 - 1963
Specialist 5th Class
Army Security Agency School Fort Devens, MA
MOS 058, 059
Merit Promotion to SP5
Monitored friendly forces during the Berlin Crisis and the times leading up to Viet Nam.
Stationed: Wurzburg, Germany
It was an honor to have served in the Military and the feelings that it brings remembering those that have given their lives to keep us free. These men and women and those who are coming home wounded are the real heroes. Thank You!
June 2008 to August 2011
Critical Care Nurse
Stationed: Bethesda, Maryland
Deployed to Afghanistan
12/72 - 7/93
Senior NCO Academy
Medical Services Superintendant
Tactical Air Command NCO Academy
Independant Medical Technician
Medical Services Technician
Medical Services Fundamentals
Meritorious Service Medal
Air Force Commendation Medal
National Defense Ribbon
Stationed: Lackland AFB, TX
Sheppard AFB, TX
Offutt AFB, NB
Luke AFB, AZ
Gila Bend AFAF, AZ (x2 separate tours)
Nellis AFB, NV
Truk, Federated States of Micronesia, East Caroline Islands
Peterson AFB, CO
Falcon AFS, CO
Started as Medical Service Specialist providing medical support to medical/surgical patients in a USAF Regional Medical Center then moved to Emergency Services providing lifesustaining measures to victims of sudden illness or injury. Responding to aircraft crashes and on-scene care to victims on base, including military/dependants/civilians. Later trained for Independant Duty medical duties at geograhically isolated remote sites and under austere operating conditions. Providing all medical services to assigned personnel and families that a base hospital would provide to a regular base. Which included emergency services/ family practice services/ environmental health/ occupational health/ dentistry services/ lab and pharmacy services/ veterinary services when needed.
World of experience that could not be obtained any other way than to live it! It provided the opportunity to build a solid core of experience, imagination, ingenuity, and confidence that has sustained me throughout my military and civilian careers. Garnered memories of places and situations from areas of the world that make me "THANK GOD!" for the many blessings of my family and this great country!!!
U.S. Army
Airborne School Ft. Benning, GA
Protect Elmendorf Air Base in Alaska
Stationed: Fort Richardson, Alaska
How does an airborne infantryman get sent to Alaska for two years at the height of the Viet Nam war ?
Pilot training
The usual awards for a pilot in Viet Nam
Stationed: Arizona, California, Viet Nam and England
United States Navy 
09-60 to 03-64 Active Duty
04-64 to 04-83 Ready Reserve
Amphibious Warfare School
CNABATRA Commendation
Public Affairs at NATTU 1 year
Div. Officer USS WASHBURN (aka 108) For balance of active duty time.
Stationed:  NAS Pensacola and San Diego. Reserve time was CO of a Small Surface Division in Santa Maria, CA. Later Weapons Officer with Selected Reserve Crew aboard USS Evans (DE 1023) out of Seattle, WA. Established and was CO of Naval Reserve Officers School in Tallahassee and XO of Personnel Mobilization Unit also in Tallahassee.
Military service is a great experience. You can be in positions when your responsibility for men and machine is far greater than most people will ever be subjected to in a civilian environment. Our ship went with many others thru the Panama Canal during the Cuban Missile Crisis. None of us ever realized how close we came to a nuclear conflict with the Russians. We had a total news blackout. We steamed around for days, the Marines with us were getting restless. Then one day we were directed into GITMO, fueled up and headed for home. Somehow we received a medal for that.
Sea stories I will just keep to my self and a few old Sailors. Y'all wouldn't believe them but some just couldn't be made up by a good fictional writer. Some funny, some sad and some bizzzzzzzzzzare
 US Air Force
Jan 1978 to Sept 2005
Lt Colonel
Flight School, Survival/SERE/POW Training, I-LRRP School Meritorious Service Medal, Air Medal, Commendation Medal, Achievement Medal, Natl' Defense with Combat Star, Overseas Tour Ribbon, Markmanship Ribbon, GWOT-deployment Ribbon, a bunch more
Fly F-4/PHANTOM, Inspector for Conference for Disarmament In Europe Treaty, Committee member for Quadrapartite Berlin Airlift planning, AFROTC Commander Univ of Utah, Senior Intelligence Officer 419th Fighter Wing, Maintenance Squadron Commander; Director of Flight Operations during Operation Iraqi Freedom
Stationed: Mather AFB, CA; Holloman AFB, NM; Homestead AFB, FL; Keflavik NAS, Iceland; Ramstein AB, Germany; Hill AFB, UT; Incirlik AB, Turkey; multiple deployments in the Middle East, including Operation Northern Comfort, Operation Southern Comfort, Operation Iraqi Freedom
United States Navy
1986 to 1994
1st Class Petty Officer (E-6)
Surface Warfare School
Search and Rescue School (S.A.R.)
Medals, Commendations or Service Awards received: Battle E - 3
Navy Achievement Medal
Good Conduct Medal - 2
Conflict Medals
Stationed: Orlando, Fla.
Long Beach, Ca.
San Diego, Ca.
Pearl Harbor, HI.
I saw the world 3 times over.
U.S. Army & U.S. Army National Guard
1986-1994 and 2003-2011
E-7, Sergeant First Class
Stationed: Fulda, West Germany
Expert Rifle Marksman, Combat Pistol Team, Cold War in Europe, Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm.
United States Army
September 1954 - June 1956
Sp-2 (Corporal)
Fort Ord Clerk Typist School
Company Clerk
60th Infantry Regiment (Go-Devils), 9th Division, 7th Army
Stationed:  Heilbronn, West Germany
A wonderful experience, traveled throughout Europe, made life-long friends, allowed me to mature; parents came and toured with me while I celebrated my 21st birthday.
I often think how lucky I was to have been too young for Korea and too old for Vietnam!
 US Navy
June 1957 to September 1977
CIC School, Gunnery Officer School, Supply School
Gunnery Officer - Destroyer, Executive Officer - Mine Sweeper, Supply Officer, Aircraft Carrier
Stationed: Pearl Harbor, Long Beach, Athens GA, Yokosuka Japan, Lawrence KS, Palo Alto CA, San Diego, Philadelphia
Enjoyed every tour of duty, especially three years in Japan with Family
US Marine Corps
July 20, 2009 - July 20, 2013
Lance Corporal
Navy Unit Citation, Meritorious Unit Citation, Marine Corps Good Conduct, National Defense Medal, Afghanistan Campaign Medal, Global War on Terrorism Medal, Overseas Deployment Ribbon, Korean Defense Medal, ISAF Medal, Rifle Expert, 4th Consecutive Award
MOS-0311 (2009-Current) Billets:  Rifleman - Hey, let's give this guy an M16A4 (2009-2011) Squad Radio Operator - Hey, this guy is Asian, he must be good with technology, let's give him the heaqvy AN/PRC-117F radio. (2009-2011) Company Clerk - Hey this guy is Asian, he must be good with computers, let's stick him in HQ 2011-2013.
Stationed:  Hawaii, Afghanistan, Okinawa, Korea. Countless vessels.
Afghan children are tougher than 96% of the American population.
Aviation Electrician school, NATTC, Jacksonville, FLA
Victory Medal
Aviation Electrician
Stationed: Pensacola, Fla
September 1962 to July 1965
Spc. 4
Security School
Radio and Television
Good Conduct Medal
Sharpshooter Medal 
Radio and Television-Acting,News,Sports and DJ
Stationed: Fort Ord, California; Ft. Devisn, Mass. ;Kuma Station, Japan
US Navy
August 1950 - June 1954
Maintain all radio, radar, and sonar equipment.
radar and radio watch, wheelhouse during minesweeping and special sea detail.
Stationed: Diego NTB; Treasure Island, Electronic school; USS Swallow, AMS-36; USS Incredible, AM249
June 1965 - December 1969
Usual awards for non-combat
Maintain pay records for military and civilians. Try not to lose pay records for obnoxious second Lts and full Birds.
Stationed:  Tuy Hua, Viet Nam, Whiteman AFB, Knob Noster, Missouri
Arriving in scenic RVN on TET Offensive, watching cooks squaring off against bad guys with .38 revolvers. Observing exhausted F-105 pilots asleep in hammocks during mortar attacks. Carrying currency (piaster) up and down country in a C-130 sitting on my flack jacket.
The Navy would lob shells over the base, just off the coast, at night to kill Viet Cong; a few fell short.
 US Air Force and US Air Force Reserve
Active Duty December 1975-December 1979
Reserve March 1982-March 1994
Master Sergeant (E-7)
Weapons Mechanic School
Crew Chief School
Flight Engineer School
Flight Engineer Instructor School
Air Medal, Commendation Medal, Longevity Ribbon, Southwest Asia Campaign Medal, Combat Aircrew Badge and a bunch of others.
Worked on Weapons Systems for F-105 Fighter Jets,
Crew Chief on C-141 Cargo Jet, Flight Engineer on C-141 Cargo Jet
Stationed: Lackland AFB, TX
Lowry AFB, CO
George AFB, CA
Norton AFB, CA
March AFB, CA
Spent 4 years Active Duty working on F-105 Fighter Jets, deployed to Denmark for a NATO exercise in 1977. Flew as a Flight Engineer in C-141 Cargo Jets for 12 years in the Air Force Reserves. Activated for Desert Shield and Desert Storm. Flew around the world multiple times stopping in places such as Hawaii, Alaska, Guam, Japan,Korea, Phillipines, Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia, Bahrain, Spain, England, Germany, Azores, Diego Garcia, Newfoundland, Iceland and other obscure places in the world. Two missions were significant peacetime missions. One involved bringing two Russian burn victims (children) from Alaska to the burn center at Brooks Army Institute in San Antonio, Tx. The other involved taking an FBI forensic team from Germany to Ethiopia to identify the remains from a plane crash with US House of Representatives member Mickey Leland. (1989)
Sept. 9,1944 to June 15,1946
Staff Sergeant
Basic training
Oregon State College, Army Specialized Training Corp.
Electrical Engineering
Records Clerk
7th and 8th grade teacher
Chaplain' Assistant
Stationed: Camp Roberts, Ca.
Corvallis, Ore.
Camp Shelby, Miss.
A great time of widening experience and learning.
October 01, 1985 - Present
BSM (2), PH, ARCOM w/V
Stationed: North Carolina
 U.S. Navy
Helmsman, Deck Ape, Painter, Head cleaner, Potato Peeler
Stationed: U.S.S. Reaper, Long Beach California
All over the Pacific. Hong Kong, Japan, Phillipines, Alaska, Hawaii, Thailand. It was a wooden ship too.
Submitted by: son Harry Sheffield
US Army Air Corps, US Air Force
1943 to 1971 including service in WWII, Korea Vietnam
2nd Lt. to Colonel
Air War College Air Command & Staff College Squadron Officers School Army Air Corps Navigation School,
Silver Star, Bronze Star, Air Medal w/4 OLC, Meritorious Service Medal with OLC and Joint Service Commendation Medal.
Served as a B-17 Navigator, 452nd Bomb Group, 8th Air Force in WWII. In Korea Served as Navigator, on a SA-16, in the 3rd Air Rescue Squadron, 5th Air Force. Later I served world wide, in a variety of engineering assignments, including commanding the Civil Engineering Squadron at Bitburg Air Base, Germany, in charge of design of the Titan I ICBM facilities for the Ballistic Missile Division, as staff officer 13th Air Force in the Phillippines, and staff assignments with Headquarters MACV, during the Vietnam war and Hqs USAFE, Germany during the cold war.
England, Germany, Korea, Japan, Phillipines, Viet Nam, Alabama, Texas, Tennessee, California
April 1969 - April 1971
Artillery School, Ft. Sill
The basic five awards received with Viet Nam service
Involved with fire direction center for 102 howitzers
Stationed:  Baumholder, Germany and Viet Nam
Was with the 8th infantry in Germany; got to do some skiing with Rick Whitehouse over there and tried to get transferred to ski patrol...fat chance, got transferred to Nam instead. Served with the 101st on Fire Base Arsenal, got to take a quick trip to Laos (don't tell anyone we were there). And am happy to say, I got home without a scratch. It was quite an experience, even a short time in war is not fun. I feel for our current troops who have to serve multiple tours.
United States Air Force
3/65 - 10/68
Radar maintenance analysis, nuclear, chemical, biological warfare plotter
Stationed: McChord AFB, Washington
Hamilton AFB, California
Navy (Submarine Force)
July 1951 - June 1952
June 1952 - September 1979
U.S. Naval Academy, U.S. Submarine School, Fleet Ballistic Missile School (Polaris), Several lesser schools, and Tactical Action Officer School
Medals:  Meritorious Service Medal (2 awards), Navy Commendation Medal, Navy Achievement Medal (2 awards), Various campaign and area service medals
Aircraft carrier USS Wasp
Submarines USS Bergall, Trumpetfish, Andrew Jackson, Catfish, Bargbel
Commanding Officer USS Barbel, homeported at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
Staff of Commander Submarine Force, U.S. Atlantic Fleet, Norfolk, Virginia
Staff of Commander Cruiser Destroyer Group Five, San Diego, California
Senior Submarine Member, Board of Inspectgion and Survey, San Diego
Stationed:  Tours in all submarine home ports, deployments worldwide
Wonderful career. Would repeat it without hesitation
US Navy
1967 to 1974
Navy Dental Corp
US Army reserves
(6 months in 1961)
US Navy
Medic on a destroyer during Viet Nam war
Ventura County Shore Base.
 U S Army
SF Q Course
Meeting Bob Koch ("64) and Ray Millichamp ("66) in RVN
US Army
1967 - 1969
Infantry rifleman (RTO-radio operator; carried 35 lb PRC-25 radio)
Bronze Star, Army Commendation Medal for Valor, Air Medal, Combat Infantry Badge and others
Stationed:  Ft. Dix, Ft. Bennington, I and III Corps, Viet Nam
Lots of firefights and dead people. Moderate PTSD
US Navy
Dec. 1958 - Dec. 1962
I was fortunate to have received and graduated from 2 Naval "A" schools while serving in the Navy. #1. Aviation Electrician and #2. Aviation Fuels being the latest school.
Fuels contamination specialist
Stationed:  USS Forestal CVA 59 and USS Kittyhawk CVA 64
I have had the opportunity to have been around the world. North Atlantic, Mediterranean X 2, Cuba, South America, Hawaii, Japan, China and the Philippines.
One not so pleasant experience was in 1962 when waiting to be discharge and I was within hours of being discharged in San Francisco, everything stopped and I was extended for one year of service due to the Bay of Pigs invasion. I was sent back to my ship in the Philippines but luckily it didn't last but a few weeks and I returned to San Francisco to be discharged several weeks later.
US Army
General Vehicle Repairman
Battalion Maintenance supply clerk
Stationed:  South Korea
Enlisted in 1969 for Warrant Officer Helicopter pilot training for Vietnam, but never made it to Nam, or even into the training program due to a glitch. Wound up in Korea of all places, spent 22 months there and got out of the Military. My hats off to all those who have given their all for our country. I knew Terry Dyer in High school,and was shocked by his death. Like I said my hats off to those who served, God Bless them all! And thanks to the alumni association for all your good work.