Is Your Email Bouncing Back?


Why do emails bounce? Emails can bounce for a variety of reasons. The three most common are:

  1. Classmate changed email address and former email address is no longer valid.
  2. Receiving email server was temporarily down or inaccessible.
  3. The classmate has NOT entered a complete and current postal mailing address and/or phone number, which is required for registration. When an administrator finds this information missing they attempt to notify the classmate. If there is no reply or the information is not updated the current email address may be changed to an "Alternate Email" address. This causes a bounceback and the classmate can not access the website. The classmate can send a message to "Contact Us" (found on the top menu bar) if they would like to regain access to the alumni website.

How do I fix a bounceback problem? Here is the procedure for handling bouncebacks:

  1. SPHS Administrator contacts the classmate at a different email address or by phone. Informs the classmate that his or her email address is bouncing. **** This is one of several important reasons why we require phone numbers as part of website registration***
  2. When the classmate logs into the website a copy of the bounce notice is displayed.
  3. Classmate has the opportunity to enter an updated email address. If current email address is valid classmate may opt to keep current email address.
  4. Classmate must click the link provided to send a verification email (this is to be sure email is actually getting through now).
  5. Classmate must receive the verification email and click the link inside. The bounce problem is now solved and classmate can receive emails from the site again.

Important: The classmate must be involved in the solution. Until the classmate clicks the link in the verification email, no further emails from the alumni website can be sent.

For SPHS Administrators: Should an administrator delete bounceback notifications? We only delete a bounceback once the problem has been resolved. You can delete a bounceback before the problem is resolved if desired, but deleting the bounceback will not allow the classmate to begin receiving emails again.

------> Only the clasmate can fix the bounceback problem <--------