Email 'NOTIFY ME' Tips

Are you receiving too many email notifications?
Need to set up your notification preferences for the first time?
You can easily set up or make changes to your personal "Notify Me" page for:
  • Notification preferences
  • Classmate subscriptions
  • and when or if you want to recieve email notices

3 WAYS TO GET TO YOUR "Notify Me" page:

  1. Read the HERE'S HOW tips below,
  2. Click this link NOTIFY ME, or.....
  3. At the bottom of email notices you will see the clickable link below:
         To change or discontinue these email notifications manage your Notify Me settings.
HERE'S HOW you set up your preferences:
1) Log on to
2) Find the menu on the left side of the home page that says MEMBER FUNCTIONS
3) On that menu click on the words "Notify Me".
4) Click on the dots for your preferences. When selected they will become black dots.
5) Then scroll down to view whose Profile Subscriptions you are subscribed to.
6) To subscribe to a classmate or class year, first select a class year
7) Deselect ALL (to start over) or Select ALL for the chosen class year.
8) You can also select specific names on the left screen within each class year.
9) You can repeat for other class years to add to your right screen of Selected Names
     Note: at the bottom of the screens you will see the total number of classmates
              you've selected and from what class years.
10) At the very bottom of the page choose how often to be notified, if at all.
  • If you have any issues receiving notices that are not resolved after following these steps please contact the website administrator by clicking this link:
NOTE: The website administrators do not have access to individual member "Notify Me" preferences. We can not make changes for you. Also, in rare cases, once in awhile the website programers may make updates to the website that could require members to re-review and adjust their "Notify Me" settings.