*Hall of Fame

The South Pasadena High School Athletic Hall of Fame display has been refurbished and is again present in the Boy's gym at the high school.  The wood frames and glass coverings were refurbished by Greg Gerhart '60, and Irene Reid '60 made and engraved new name plates.  Irene owns an engraving company named "Hooray - The Engraving Shoppe" in St. George, Utah.

The SPHS Booster Club purchased the materials and Greg and Irene donated their services to complete the project.  They are beautiful and easily accessible right inside the front door of the gym.  Stop by and look at them when you are in town.

Thanks to Greg and Irene from the South Pasadena High School Alumni Association on behalf of all alumni for doing this.

Because so many of you have asked, we are providing the following list which shows all of the names listed on the display.

The Coaches list is only for those who coached at South Pasadena High School.  Some of these coaches are SPHS graduates.  Those coaches listed in the Athletes fall under the Alumni/Contributor selection criteria.  Athletics is the only category that alumni can get on the high school Hall of Fame as an alumni, and as Coaches would be in the "out of high school" (alumni) category.


C. Merrill Green Basketball 1926-1960
Harry Swart Tennis 1926-1942
Frank Williamson Football 1940-1951
Ray Solari Football 1953-1972
John O'Neil Basketball 1962-1975
Jeff Cox Cross Country 1969-1984
Lori McDonald Basketball/Softball 1971-1999
Jim Cherniss Volleyball 1973-1982
Jim Yang Football 1973-1983
Jack Smith Water Polo 1979-1985
Don Wielenga Track/Cross Country 1984-1999
Ralph Punaro Basketball/Athletic Dir. 1985-2010
Tom Ashby Soccer 1997-2004


Claude Hunter Football 1911
Harold "Hag" Cass Football 1916
Robert Graven Football 1918
Lawrence "Moon" Mullins Football 1926
Charles Upton Baseball 1928
Elizabeth Deike Tennis 1928
Gordon Clark Football 1929
Ray Sparling Football 1929
Howard McDavitt Tennis 1930
Robert McCue Football 1931*
Bob Matthews Football 1932
Howard Clark Golf 1933
Ron Asquith Track 1933
Johnny Alexander Football 1935
Wayland Avery Jr. Tennis 1935
Robert Wagner Track 1935
Clem Tomerlin Football 1937
Bill Beggs Football 1938
Amour Killingsworth Basketball 1940
David Porter Basketball 1941
Alan Dale Football 1941
Tom Fleischman Baseball 1942
Dick Schattinger Baseball 1942
Granville Black Jr. Football 1942
Dave Hirschler Football 1942
Kennedy Galpin Baseball 1943
Jack Morley Basketball 1943
Reeve Cave Football 1943
Beni Reinhold Football 1943
Jeff Arnett Track 1943
Roland Sink Track 1943
Richard Vanderhoof Track 1943
Terry Maxwell Track 1944
Pete McCloskey Baseball 1945
Don Hibbard Football 1945
Wilbur "Bud" Robertson Football 1946
Henry Wright Football 1946
Gordon Maxwell Swimming 1946
Hugh Stewart Tennis 1946
Paul Conn Track 1946
Wayne Tucker Football 1947
John T. Boyle Basketball 1948
James Doan Basketball 1948
Bob Platenberg Basketball 1948
David Ackerman Coach 1948
Brent Ogden Football 1948
Owen Powell Football 1948
George Witter Football 1948
Charles Hunt Golf 1948
Sam Morley Basketball 1950
George DeWeese Football 1950
Bob Garrett Football 1950
Alan Robertson Football 1950
Peter Scott Football 1950
Ron Stewart Football 1950
Roger Van Pelt Football 1950
Kenneth Brown Baseball 1951
Mike Giddings Football 1951
Bob Long Football 1951
Bill Cranston Tennis 1952
Ron Wheatcroft Football 1954
Theodore Settle Baseball 1956
Bill Archer Basketball 1956
Ron Bauer Basketball 1956
Cale Newcomer Basketball 1956
Brad Thurman Baseball 1956
Dick Weikel Baseball 1957
Jim Sheffer Football 1957
Mike Archer Baseball 1958
Al Loosli Football 1960
Ed Loosli Track 1960
Randy Wilson Track 1960
Dave Currey Football 1961
David Dickson Football 1961
Don Johnson Football 1961
Bill Reece Football 1961
Jim Ritchko Football 1961
Doug Patrick Football 1962
Ron Jackson Football 1963
Bill Patrick Football 1963
Rob Phair Football 1963
Arthur Cleary Baseball 1964
Tommy Hutton Baseball 1964
Terry Kiser Baseball 1965
David Knox Basketball 1967
Carl Skidmore Basketball 1967
Steve Beigenzahn Football 1967
Chuck Henze Football 1967
Randy Phair Football 1967
Jack Schultz Football 1967
John Stellar Football 1967
Jim Stewart Football 1967
Mike Ukena Track 1968
Tim Stimpfel Football 1969
Bart Hill Track 1969
Richard Booth Football 1970
William Cleary Football 1970
Paul Cole Football 1970
Mike Klof Football 1970
John McCue Basketball 1972
Dave Smith Basketball 1972
Eddie Kawashiri Wrestling 1972
Mark Simmons Football 1973
Keith Gustafson Football 1973
Bob Smiland Football 1974
Mike Melody Track 1974
Linda Kelly Volleyball 1974
Dan Snyder Basketball 1975
John McMahon Football 1975
Mary Jo Fosselman Volleyball 1975
Margaret Carreiro Basketball 1976
Steve Smith Football 1976
Hank Swanson Football 1976
J.R. Wetzel Football 1976
John Rathbun Swimming 1976
Mark Walden Volleyball 1976
Ted Congdon Cross Country 1977
Gordon Bohannon Football 1977
Robbie Chapman Football 1977
Alma Olmos Softball 1977
David Saeta Volleyball 1977
Barbara Stone Basketball 1978
Mark Anderson Football 1978
Steve "Gizzo" Simmons Football 1978
Jan Burton Volleyball 1978
Gail Fischer Volleyball 1978
Suzette Lee Softball 1979
Fran Bell Volleyball 1979
Nancy Schwartz Cross Country 1980
Mike Parkinson Track 1980
Lisa Denker Volleyball 1980
Sally Davis Track 1981
Andy Rottenbacker Wrestling 1981
Elyse Lord Basketball 1982
Rob Nelson Baseball 1982*
Chris Callahan Swimming/Water Polo 1983*
Deron Lord Track 1983
Greg Howorth Volleyball 1983
Ken Whitworth Baseball 1985
James Sonne Water Polo 1985
Eric MacArthur Basketball 1986
Mary Joyce McDevitt Soccer 1987
Kristen Edwards Track 1987
Toby Knudson Volleyball 1987
Algerian Hart Track 1988*
John A. Toro Track 1988
Bryan Nott Cross Country 1989
Jeff Sanay Golf 1989
Carolyn Harkins Softball 1989
John Clark Water Polo 1989
Rachel Wackerman Soccer 1990
David Maxwell Track 1990
Matt Cherrie Water Polo 1990
Mike Fehmers Water Polo 1990
Kimberly Ard Basketball 1991
Paul D. Perkins Basketball 1991
Mark Watanabe Golf 1991
Paige L. Durivage Soccer 1991
Joanne Vanderwall Soccer 1991
Cassie Zappaterreno Soccer 1991
Matthew T. Minehan Basketball 1992
Kelly D. Edwards Football 1992
Allison Ashby Soccer 1992
Dan Cherrie Water Polo 1992
Brendan Grubbs Water Polo 1992
Filip Akira Stabrowski Track 1993
Gavin Peries Football 1994
Brian Paul Streb Football 1994
Gavin Peries Track 1994
Kathleen Grubbs Basketball 1995
Sarah Etman Track 1995
Brian K. Butcher Water Polo 1995
Sara Frykenberg Swimming 1998
Tiffany S. Wong Swimming 1999
David Biesek Track 1999
Sarah Battin Soccer 2000
Ebony Amirah Harris Track 2000
Paul Brown Golf 2002*
Daniel Zynn Football 2002*
Eva Dixon Soccer 2006*
Cassandra Cogreve Water Polo/Softball 2007*
Catherine Kwan Swimming 2007*
Mina Mohamadi Track 2007*
* Awarded 2012