*Seven Tigers (1927-41)

Beginning in 1927, a tradition was started giving credit and honor to those members of the graduating class who had given the most to the school in their respective fields of endeavor. An impartial committee comprised of students and faculty members selected these seven seniors. In 1928, the award was expanded to 10 students but returned to seven students from 1929 through that last year given out, 1941. 

During that 15 year period the award was presented to 108 seniors based on leadership, cooperation, good sportsmanship, diligence, personality, and democratic attitude - those most representative of the "Tiger Spirit" in their outstanding service to the school.
1927   Leonard Janofsky, William Jones, Margaret Lauer, Mary Patterson, Keith Smith, Margaret Smith, Jeanette Young
1928 John Alman, Jr, John Caldwell, Mary Coulter, Elizabeth Deike, Edmond Heath, Frank Helbling, Hollys Krug, Rosemary Nissen, Helen Wig, Charles Upton
1929 Barbara Balfour, Gordon Clark, Marcus Godfrey, Robert Martin, Luther Lee, Madeleine Speik, Janet Wilson
1930 Catherine Austin, Thaddeus Creswell, Valerie Easterbrook, William McAllister, Emrys Ross, Lester Sanson, Dorothy Thompson
1931 Evangeline Brainard, Richard Burgess, Mildred Jones, William Lord, George O’Connor, Esther Pickering, Florence Williams
1932 Barbara Brooks, Calwin Clark, William Coon, Arthur Daggett, Margaretta Geyer, James Matthews, Ruth McLaughlin
1933 John Cameron, Janet Carey, Thomas Kiddie, Margaret Lewis, Bradner Petersen, Phoebe Russell, Wesley Winchester
1934 George Albert, Virginia Brooks, Leland Chase, Raymond Kahn, Frank Newman, Sarah Scott, William Thomson
1935 Wayland Avery, Eleanor Beckwith, Leo Feder ,Jack Helms, Kathleen Hughes, Wensley Krug, James McNabb
1936 Mary Bellerue, Mary Elizabeth Ford, Luther Hiltner, Barbara Jane Leeds, Lawrence Thompson, Jean Tillotson, Lowell Whiteman
1937 Geary Bundschu, Esther Dennison, Robert Hoge, Sheila Hughes, Margaret Kiddie, Robert Page, Richard Wagner
1938 Dorothy Amland, Marshall Bennett, William Campbell, Richard DeGolia, Gordon McDonald, Reed Ringstrom, Martha Spring
1939 William Adams, Evelyn Crump, Robert Hartley, Glen Lathrop, Miriam Leeds, Anne Roberts, William Symes
1940 Elizabeth Arthur, Robert Compton, Galen Dahle, Kathryn Larkin, David Merrill, Barbara Thompson, Eugene Young
1941 Helen Creahan, Evan Goltra, Clark Hunter, Adra Merrill, Margaret Peterson, Stanley Smith, Jack Williams