Privacy Policy




From time to time we assist in mailings by other non-profit organizations to our members and/or SPHS alumni that relate to the South Pasadena High School and/or the City of South Pasadena when we deem such mailings to be advantageous to our members. However, we do not release control of our database or provide lists of such information to any other entities. If any members or SPHS alumni do not wish their information to be shared in this fashion, they may opt-out by forwarding their request to the Director of Alumni Records.

Occasionally we receive requests from members and/or other SPHS alumni for the contact information of other SPHS alumni. Our policy is to contact the person whose information is requested, notify them of the request, and provide them with the requesting person’s name and contact information, and allow them to choose whether to respond to the requesting person.

Finally, as part of our efforts to facilitate SPHS Class Reunions, we provide contact information to SPHS alumni Class Representatives for reunion mailings and communications. In return, we ask the Class Representatives to provide us with updated contact information obtained from their classmates once their reunion is completed.


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