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Margaret Cross Woodward (Hays) - Class Of 1929

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William N. 'Bill' Woodward (1950)

Known as Margaret, 'Maggie', Mom and 'Gran ma' was - b: 25 Jan 1911, Trenton, NJ; Grad: SPHS Jun 1929; Grad in Nursing from Queen of Angeles Hospital, LA, CA May 1931;  m: 11 Jun 1932 (Brown); Son born:16 Jun 1933; Div: 25 Apr 1935; m: 30 Nov 1938 (Covert); Red Cross Ambulance Driver 1942-43 (WWII); Div: 1944; m: 1946 (Hays); Served in VISTA 5 yrs during 1960s; d:15 Jun 1987, Ridgecrest, CA  (76y, 4m, 18d).

Mom had a full and adventurous life. She loved to sing, act in theatre, dance and write. She loved people and wanted to help any and all. She went from singing as one part of the Senior Trio in high school, to acting in fhe Pasadena Playhouse and the San Gabriel Light Opera groups, to serving in ​'Volunteers in Service to America' (VISTA) where she worked to help native americans in AZ to the less advantaged folks in the hills country of northern GA.

Margaret grew up during the 'depression' years and the family had little money. She learned to get by with a few coins but even fewer dollars. Most of her earned monies went to help others. Except near her later years when after her husband died in a plane crash in Mexico, she had one great adventure. Margaret bought a sailing yacht in New England, hired a Capt to sail it, and they sailed it down the east coast of US through the Bahamas and on to the south coast of Puerto Rico. They stayed in P.R. taking short trips to neighboring islands giving rides to locals. This mode of living continued until her money ran out. At that time Maggie gave away her boat '​Fairwind' and returned to the US and a more meager living using funds from her Soc.Sec.

Due to Mom's life style, several marriages and I having been raised mostly by my G-pop & G-mom, in 1947 I took the name of my maternal grandfather William Woodward which was made legal when entering the US Navy in 1950.  This explains why that in Jun 1950 I myself graduated SPHS as William 'Bill' Noon Woodward.

Summary: My mother Margaret, her sister Rene, and my grandparents William and Margaret Noon, came to So. Pas.and lived from 1919 at 267, where my aunt William Anne 'Billy' (SPHS 1940) was born, and from 1932 at 261 Monterey Rd where I myself was born in 1933, until 1987 when G-mom moved away - WNW '50


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