In Memory

Norman R Nielsen - Class Of 1959

Norman R Nielsen

Norman Nielsen  '59  passed away on December 25, 2002 at the age of 61 in his home in Palo Alto.  He was a Stanford alumnus, professor, and fan, and had lived in Palo Alto with wife Jeannette since 1963.

Those of us who attended the class and all year reunion were lucky to have been able to see and talk to Norm and were surprised and saddened by his passing later that year.

Pursuing a lifelong interest in computers and logic-based solutions, Mr. Nielsen worked as a computer consultant and systems designer in Menlo Park since 1973, mostly for Stanford Research Institute, SRI, and SRIC.  He received his MBA from Stanford in 1965 and his Ph.D. in Operations and Systems Analysis from Stanford in 1967.  He served on the faculty of the Stanford Graduate School of Business from 1966 to 1972.

Norm was valedictorian of his 1963 class at Pomona College.  At Pomona, he met Jeannette, whom he would marry just two days after graduation, and who has remained his wife and best friend for the past 39 years.  Their daughter, Joanne Nielsen Seiber, would later attend Pomona and marry her college sweetheart, Christopher Seiber, at Stanford's Memorial Church in 1997.

Norman and Jeannette have been longtime fans and supporters of Stanford athletics, particularly the women's basketball and volleyball teams.  They have not only attended most home games for many years, both have often traveled to cheer for the Cardinal at road games.  Norman was greatly moved when he was presented recently with a volleyball autographed by the volleyball team.

Norm was an avid traveler, making many visits to Europe, Australia, and Japan.  He traveled to Japan over 60 times, and climbed Mt. Fuji in 1975.  He was also a lifelong lover of trains, and he spent two heavenly hours getting to drive two trains in Portola last year as part of a surprise 60th birthday present from Jeannette and Joanne.

Norm was born in 1941 in Pittsburgh to Russell and Lenore Nielsen.  He is survived by Jeannette, Joanne, Christopher, and Jeannette's father, Warren Elsener.