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David Allen Parker - Class Of 1966

David Allen Parker

Dave Parker

July 16, 1948 -September 2, 2004

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Steven S Kane (1966)

Dave and I were friends from the fourth grade at Marengo Elementary. I had a lonely 3rd grade year at a "rough" school in Pasadena before we moved to SoPas in the summer of 1957, so making a friend like Dave was huge for me. Dave was smart and had a great sense of humor and we thought up many fun activities, some of which would have horrified the parents had they known of them. I never knew Dave to say or do anything mean.

Dave's dad, Robert L. Parker, was co-founder of a very prominent patent law firm in Pasadena. I did not have a father around, and I admired and respected Robert Parker and his accomplishments. I am sure that my memory of him was part of the reason that I decided to study law years later. Dave's mom, Roseanna, was a sweet, smart lady who always had a kind word and a snack after school.

Dave and I were not so close in high school, but we remained friends. Sadly, I lost track of him after graduation and learned in 2008 that he died too young of throat cancer four years earlier. Dave's sister, Sherry (SPHS '63), told me that he had a very successful career working for some of the high-end tour agencies like Cooks. Being forced to travel the world must have been terrible! I am sure that all of the participants in the tours Dave led enjoyed his intelligence, optimism, and sense of humor.

Rest in peace, Dave. Thanks so much for befriending a lonely, scared 8 year old in a new school. It was 60 years ago, but it seems like yesterday.

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