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Donald C "Don" Ristow - Class Of 1976

Donald C Don Ristow

Donald C. Ristow  '76  My step-brother Don Ristow, class of 1976 died of pneumonia on November 19, 2006.

Don had struggled with mental illness and drug addiction for many years.  In recent years he was stable on medication and enjoyed hobbies such as jewelry making and playing music.  He had lived independently in an apartment in South Pasadena close to family, but had moved recently to a facility living-in community with others recovering from addictions.

You may remember him playing tuba in the band, an instrument he transported by bicycle.  Don had a big heart and dry wit.  Many in his community were helped by Don's faith in them.  Don's father, Ed, and brother Bob have many mirth inspiring stories of Don's antics in childhood and fond memories of a steadfast and loyal son and brother.  We will all miss him.

Nancy Hanson '76

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John Prentiss Mayberry (1976)

I always enjoyed Don's wit- a very clever lad indeed!

Very sorry to see him go, he had a great deal to offer this world, myself included.

John Mayberry

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