Charles Baldwin

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Charles Baldwin
Class of 1951
Residing In: Silverton, OR USA
Spouse/Partner: Jeanne (Sunny) Baldwin
Children, Grandchildren: Laura Mae Baldwin, Physician and medical researcher, University of Washington. Husband Carl Chew, Educator More…and Artist. Daughter Sylvie Mae, Actress

Jill Buchanan, Music Therapist, Perkins School for the Blind. Husband John Buchanan, Music Therapist and composer. 2 sons: Zacchary 18 and Matthew 16.

Lisa Silva (deceased), Natureopath and homemaker. Husband Scott Silva, master plumber. 2 children: Christopher 21 and Laura 19.

Alexandra Baldwin, Owns "Alexandra's Crafts", a wool business. Significant Other, Heidi Dum, Teacher. No children.

Tucker Baldwin, Private Banker in Cambodia. Unmarried. No children.
Military Service: Army Special Services  
Occupation: Retired Economist and Public Policy Consultant
Charles Baldwin

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Occupation/Career(s) Details:

While in the Doctoral Program at UCLA I was recruited by the Copley Press in San Diego to serve as a policy advisor to corporate management. I later moved to the Los Angeles Times where I was an economist with Otis Chandler. A friend from graduate school invited me to join him in forming an independent research company (Economic Consultants Inc.) in West Los Angeles in 1962. We served as consultants with financial institutions throughout California, Nevada, and Washington. Early in 1963 the (then) Speaker of the California Assembly, Jesse Unruh, asked if I would contract with the Legislature to resolve Federal, State, City and private disputes over development of the East Wilmington Offshore Oil Field in Long Beach. That gig was successful and generated most of California's capital outlay funding for California higher education for the next 15 years. Moreover, now hooked on public policy issues, I was subsequently asked to conduct studies relating to tide and submerged lands along the California coast, geothermal energy, and related environmental issues. In 1968 I sold ECI to accept an appoinment as Chief Policy Consultant to the California Senate. Except for a short stint with the Canadian National Energy Board in 1970, I remained as staff to the California Senate until 1975. I moved to England in 1975 to have my mid-life crisis while studying philosophy. While there I began serving expatriate families as an estate advisor. Together we formed The Templar Trust Threshold Fund to serve as a policy arm to the estates. I served as director of the fund and consultant to projects worldwide as directed by the estate families. In 1979 Edmund G. (Jerry) Brown, then Governor in California, asked if I would serve as his Director of Community Services. I agreed with the provision that the appointment be limited to 24 months. In 1981 I resumed my work with the Templar Trust Threshold Fund. That year we created the Sankat Mochen Foundation in Varanasi India. The project was designed to remove pollution from the Ganges River. The foundation remains active today. By 1983 I had traveled enough, had remarried, moved to Jacksonville, Oregon, and wanted to settle down. St. Mary's, a private college preparatory school in Southern Oregon, asked me to help with organization and development issues. This assignment led to my appointment as Public Affairs and Development Director. I remained with St. Mary's until 1989 when we moved to San Francisco to support my wife's work as an education specialist with learning handicapped children. While in San Francisco I worked with the Zen Center to establish an AIDS hospice and with Governor Brown when he was Democratic Party Chair. In 1991 I was asked to join an initiative to create a dental HMO in Sacramento. We moved back to Sacramento where my wife reopened her school for learning handicapped children while I worked to establish the HMO. The HMO application was successful and I served as CEO for several years until retirement in 1993. That was the year that I went to work for my wife. She had founded Somerset Home School and needed administrative help. Together, from 1993 to 2006 we created and ran a wonderful school for children with developmental difficulties. My role was office administrator, financial supporter, story teller, and cook. After helping to create several affiliates to carry on the work, we retired in 2006. My wife and I continue to serve as administration and curriculum advisors to the Waldorf School Movement worldwide. This work has taken us to Hokkaido Japan, Canada, and throughout the United States. Looking back, I don't see much of a "Career." It looks more like a collection of interesting assignments. That's the sum of it.
Footnote: We moved to Silverton, Oregon for retirement, bought 3 acres to garden, raise chickens, and collect rainwater. However, as fate would have it one of my old colleagues is living nearby and asked me to help with some policy research. I have been the President of OESTRA (Oregon Energy Systems & Technology Alliance .. a non-profit policy group) for the past 5 years. When I have time I promote bike trails and bike tourism in the Willamette Valley.

Different places I have lived:

In chronological order: South Pasadena, Frankfort Germany, San Diego, Los Angeles, Sacramento, Ottawa Canada, London England, San Francisco, Jacksonville Oregon, Colfax California, Silverton Oregon. Temporary residences include: Varanasi India and Hokkaido Japan.

Family history living in South Pasadena:

My parents were Dale and Dorothy Baldwin. We lived at 1015 Indiana Avenue on a block with 18 school-age children. We all attended Lincoln Elementary School, South Pasadena Junior High School, and SPSMHS. I had an older sister Joann (Joey) and a younger brother William (Bill). My father was a gardener and my mother was a seamstress. Both were active in the Methodist church, school PTA, and scouting. My father died in 1957. My mother sold the family home sometime around 1960, moved to Corona Del Mar, and remained a widow until her death in 2001.

Family members who also went to SPHS:

Joann, 1949
William, 1959

Other SPHS graduates I keep in touch with:

Ronald Schoffler
Richard Zinn
Sally Beel
Bob Garber
Kathleen Garafolo
Deb Patty
Marian Lessa

School Memories:

A school that primarily served upwardly mobile and successful families. Whites only environment. Lots of opportunity, but none that involved me. I literally started high school over again after leaving the Army in 1955.

Milestones & Epiphanies:

Being a parent continues to give me pleasure and perspective. My work with learning handicapped children gave great personal satisfaction and sense of accomplishment. At the end of the day, private sector, politics, and policy making achievements were just ego trips that paid well.

What's happening in my life now:

I am 81 this year and enjoying retirement. I share gardening and cooking with my wife. We raise chickens, have a wool studio, are active knitters, keep busy with various pro-bono projects. Much of my time this year is taken with an initiative to foster energy independence in Oregon. We are working with the Governor's Office, Board of Higher Education, utilities, and green industries to create a nexus of University research and training to support industries that share our vision. Of course, family remains a priority and we remain active with our children and grandchildren. Life is good.

Pastimes & Hobbies:

Gardening, cooking, counselling with schools, and travel fill our days now. Nice to be with someone you love and admire.

Favorite Music, Songs, Bands

Classical, Jazz, Bossa Nova.

Favorite Books, Magazines, Movies, TV etc:

Orion, Mother Earth News, Countryside, The Tiger's Wife

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Ron was a childhood friend from age 6 until granduation from SPHS.  He lived a block away on El Centro Street and across from our elementary school.  His father gave him a train set to play with when I would come to his house and we would run the track throughout the house.  He told me in Junior High School that he wanted to become a forester.  Even at a young age he knew how to set goals and achieve them.  Bless you Ron ... good memories.

Charles Baldwin, Class of '51

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