Beatrice B Hall McCracken

Profile Updated: March 10, 2011
Class of 1930
Residing In: Newport Beach, CA USA
Spouse/Partner: Dr. Paul B. McCracken
Children, Grandchildren: Children: Paul (b. 1935), Marianne (1937-2010), David (b. 1939)
Grandchildren: (Marianne MacDonald) More…Alex (b. 1957), Chris (b. 1960), Laurie (b. 1961), David (b. 1962), Mark (b. 1964), Heather (b. 1970)
(David) Meredith (b. 1968), Lindsay (b. 1971)
(Paul) Paul (b. 1966), Kristen (b. 1968)
Occupation: Home maker
Different places I have lived:

South Pasadena; Corvallis, OR; Los Angeles; Pasadena; Laguna Beach; Newport Beach

Family history living in South Pasadena:

Lived on Fletcher Ave. and later on El Cerrito Cir. with young family. Attended Marengo Elementary School.

Family members who also went to SPHS:

bro. Sammy Hall, 1932; sis. Charlotte (Hall) Kindberg, 1934; sis. Virginia (Hall) Peckham, 1937; son Paul McCracken, 1953; son David McCracken, 1937; gr. son Alexander MacDonald, 1975; gr. son Chris MacDonald, 1978; gr. dau. Laurie MacDonald, 1979; gr. son Mark MacDonald, 1982; csn Susan (Almon) Duncan, 1949

School Memories:

Yell leader

Pastimes & Hobbies:

Swimming, Golf

Favorite Music, Songs, Bands


Additional Comments:

Swam for Los Angeles Athletic Club as teenager; Attended Oregon State University where I was also a yell leader.

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