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Bruce S Terry - Class Of 1935

Bruce S Terry

Bruce Terry

May 2, 1917 - July 31, 1938


Plane Crash Fatal to Pilot - South Pasadena Flyer Dies and Passenger Critically Injured

When their plane slipped into a nosedive after the engine stalled, the pilot of a sport monoplane yesterday received injuries from which he later died and his passenger was taken to the Huntington Memorial Hospital in critical condition.

Bruce Terry, 21-year-old pilot and student at Occidental College of South Pasadena, received a crushed skull and internal injuries and died in Monrovia Hospital, and his passenger, Charles J Hoppert, 20, of Glendale, incurred severe face and body injuries.

According to witnesses, the plane, owned by Dan Moran of Monrovia, and piloted by Terry, took off from the Monrovia airport and, after executing several spirals, headed east.

After flying less than two miles the engine stalled and the plane glided toward an open field, tilted and dived to the ground from an altitude of 75 feet.

Moran told Deputy Sheriffs Putley and Talmate, of the Temple substation, that both youths were licensed pilots.

Los Angeles Times, August 1, 1938