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Martha 'Marty' Kopp (Cowan) - Class Of 1968

Martha 'Marty' Kopp (Cowan)

Marty Kopp Cowan went to UC Santa Barbara after graduating from SPHS.  She lived in Santa Barbara for most of her adult life.  She died of breast cancer on November 24, 1991.  She is survived by her siblings: Walter Kopp (SPHS '72), James Kopp, and Anne Kopp Rodgers (SPHS '66).

Unfortunately, Marty's daughter, Briana Brownlow, also died of breast cancer at age 31 on October 27, 2008.  You can see a video tribute to Marty and Briana and a eulogy.
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If you have any memories of Marty, I would love to hear about them at:

Walter Kopp, Marty's brother