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"Missing" from this website means that we don't have an email address, although we may have a postal mailing address. However, without keeping us updated with a current postal mailing address, at the very least, alumni will be missing out on the annual Tiger News newsletter, Tiger Tales magazine (sent to SPHSAA paid members), and important reunion announcements.
Names marked as *lost* are those we have no contact information of any kind. If you have any idea where they are, how to reach them, or who else would know, please Contact Us.
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Rev. 9/21/21
Start searching on your own or Organize a group Tiger Hunt with as many classmates as possible. Plan a day to divvy up missing tiger names. Set a time or date the hunt will end or if it will be ongoing. Have the results sent to your class ‘Missing Tigers Organizer’.
As soon as you find someone’s contact information reach out to them. Ask those you find to go to and join. Tell them you’d like to confirm their postal address and email address so they will in turn receive the next Tiger News newsletter in the spring and future invitations and details for your next class reunion or other events.


  • Check to see if classmates you are looking for are already on our website. Click here to search “Classes & Classmates” by their last name. You'll come up with a list of similar last names, many of which if registered, might be parents, siblings, or other relatives. They would be listed in the graduating classes before or after your classmate. 
All active alumni on our website can send/receive messages from the Message Center. Ask if they are related to (name, class of xxxx). If they reply they are related, see if they have contact information for your classmate or if they’d forward a request to join us by giving them our website URL 
Your current class member list is available to your class reunion committee members. Instructions can be found here "Reunion Resources".
  • Social networks like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and MySpace are all great resources to try to find lost classmates. Remember to search the classmate's married name as well as their maiden name since they may have set up their social network profile using either one.
  • - This is a quick and easy web search. You might find most of the people on your missing list using this search. Having initials or a middle name helps rule out similar names. With these details, you can also narrow down a FB search.
  • may be helpful because of the mapping features and the relatives' list.
  • Google Search You may need to add parenthesis around the name. This may pull up websites they are listed on so you’ll want to open the website link and scroll through it. 

Email them from your own personal email or use our website. It has an invitation ready to send. On the HOME PAGE, scroll down to find a box on the right side that says MISSING CLASSMATES. Click the link and choose your email provider. A formatted message will appear. Enter their email address and send the message. 
You can also search for their name under “Classes & Classmates", click on their name, and below where it says ‘JOIN HERE’ you’ll see, “Do you know where (alumni name) is? If so, please click here to invite (alumni name) to join our site!
If you plan on mailing out personal invitations or postcards through the US Postal Service, the mail is ideally the last thing you would want to do AFTER conducting your online searches.  Find as many classmates as you can. Try to time your mailing for August-October if possible. USPS only forwards mail for 6 months, so if a classmate has moved in the last five months or so, you may receive a forwarding address from the Post Office.
SPHSAA mails to all of the addresses we have on file once a year in the spring. Mail you send after that from the list we give you is usually updated with fresh addresses. Add “DNF-ADDRESS CORRECTION REQUESTED" on envelopes you send out. 


  • - Most search engines like Fast People Search, White Pages, and Zaba Search provide free basic searching results. Some provide relatives or neighbor lists that you may be able to reach out to after searching for their contact information.
If you can dedicate time to doing searches, some provide subscription plans. 
(Example Below)
Zabasearch powered by Intelius offers a free people search directory that includes basic information, such as name, address, age, and partial phone numbers. Intelius offers subscription plans, which provide additional data, including 1 month of Unlimited Reports for $24.86 per month or 2 months of Unlimited Reports for $42.25. These subscription plans renew automatically unless canceled. From time to time Intelius offers different or promotional subscription pricing. For more information about subscriptions, visit the Terms of Use of Intelius.
  • Note: if you are aware of improved or better resources that help locate people, please share with us by sending an email or helpful links to
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