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Copa de Oros

South Pasadena High School’s first class graduated in 1907 but it wasn’t until 1909 that students published their first yearbook, Copa de Oro.  With the exception of 1918*, a Copa was published every year thereafter.  There are currently 113 years of Copas and the SPHSAA has set a goal of collecting three complete sets of Copas for our archives.  One set will be digitally preserved. 

We do have a number of Copas for various years; however, we currently do not have a complete set of all 113 years.  While Copas are for sale on various online sources or through other organizations, to obtain our complete set we are relying on donations.  We’ve received several donated Copas in the last year from alumni and alumni family members who no longer have a need to keep them in their collection. These donations are very much appreciated. 

Listed below are the years for which we do not have Copas; however, we will accept any Copa donations, regardless of the year, to complete the needed three sets.








Search your closets and attics.  If you no longer need your Copa or have a Copa that belonged to an alumni family member that is no longer with us, please donate this valuable piece of history by sending via media mail to:

PO Box 1219
South Pasadena, California 91031-1219

Donated Copas will have a bookplate inserted inside the front cover stating the name and class year of the donor.  If you are not yet ready to donate your Copas, you may download a bookplate that directs family members to donate your Copas to the SPHSAA when they wish to no longer keep the Copa.

A permanent set of 1909-2015 Copas is housed at the South Pasadena Public Library. Individual copies may be viewed by request at the Reference Desk. 

 *The Class of 1918 unanimously decided to donate their yearbook funds to the French orphan and the Armenian Relief.  - 1919 Copa de Oro, pg. 45