Marengo Elementary

Do you have photos from way back when you or your kids attended Marengo Elementary School? Do you have your old class photos? Here is where you can upload your photos to share with everyone.
Don't forget to add a date and caption. Add names, places or anything that can identify the photo.
SCANNING PHOTOS: Many default settings on scanners, especially 3-in-1 scanners, are usually not set to scan for quality and detail.
(1) Scan at 300dpi for normal photos that are 3x3" or larger. Scan smaller photos at 600-1200dpi. Do some trial scans until it looks good.
(2) Your black and white individual class photo, scanned from the Copa, usually needs the "descreen" button selected so it won't end up pixelated and grainy looking.
(3) Always scan using the "color setting" even if photos are black & white.
(4) Photos won't be approved if they are too small or the detail is poor.

John May
1 Photo  12/17/21
Vicky Good Bartlett
1 Photo  12/14/21
Mary Gill Smith
8 Photos  6/18/18
Donna Hoegeman Wheeler
3 Photos  10/13/16
Aileen Sylvester
3 Photos  1/12/15
Paul Boyd McCracken III
4 Photos  3/18/12
George Underhill
5 Photos  4/26/11
John R 'Jack' Russell
6 Photos  1/10/11