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Kurt Roger Berry - Class Of 1958

Kurt Roger Berry

Kurt Berry  '58  had a peaceful passage to God on Friday, September 28, 2007.  He had been living with cancer since March 2004 (three and a half years).  By the end of August this year, the medical profession could do no more to slow down the progression.  He signed up for hospice at home and was able to have a hospital bed right by the window where he could see, hear, and smell the ocean.  He was up and around with his daily routine and didn't sleep in that bed until the very end, just using it for naps.

On Tuesday, September 25, Kurt had a stroke while eating breakfast.  At the beginning, when he could say a few words, he said it was "BAM."  On Wednesday evening, all five children came to visit, sitting in a horseshoe around the bed.  They shared memories of growing up with Kurt as their Dad.  Although he couldn't say words that we could understand, he sat up straight and poured out the essence of his love for them, how proud he was of them, how much he blessed them.

By Friday he was completely at peace.  I felt he was present and aware to the very end and was blessed to be there as he quietly passed.  So he got what he wanted--to slip away in bed without pain.

Thank for all your love and prayers.

Anne Berry



Kurt Roger Christopher Berry, known for his steady, thorough, and compassionate ways, passed away on September 28, 2007. "The world has lost a truly great man. He will be missed by those who knew him" said his brother, Marc Berry (SPHS '62). 

Kurt graduated from South Pasadena High School in 1958 and attended Occidental College. While in college he signed up for AFROTC and was commissioned a Second Lieutenant in the Air Force. He served for four years, stationed in Nevada and the Upper Peninsula, Michigan. During his Air Force service, he married Virginia Driscoll (SPHS '59). They had five children:  Molli, Sarahbeth, David, Amy, and Phil. He is also survived by 14 grandchildren.

After his Air Force service, Kurt returned to southern California and worked for AT&T or its successors for 39 years. His locations of service included Los Angeles, San Francisco, Irvine, and San Ramon in California. His ultimate assignment was in St Louis, Missouri.

Kurt married Loretta Anne Graham of Laguna Beach in 1988. They were married for 19 years and moved regularly, including several years in Ormond Beach, Florida after he retired. Kurt was diagnosed with cancer in March 2004. He retired from phone company serice in June 2004. He lived with cancer for three and a half years and was an admirable example of fortitude and continuing love to his family and community during that time.

Orange County Register, October 6, 2007