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Daniel James "Dan/Buck" Buckner - Class Of 1959

Daniel James Dan/Buck Buckner


Good Morning Friends and Neighbors;

I regret having to announce that Daniel "Buck" Buckner passed away this past Thursday 10/2/2003, around 1:30 p.m., at his home in Boulder Heights. He had been battling advanced prostate cancer for more than a year before he expired. He survived by close family, and group of friends, who will miss him deeply.

Buck was a kind man who always made time for his family, friends, and any small child who ever asked to hear "the howl." He started several jam sessions, and was known for taking extra time to help young musicians, new to bluegrass or not, get a leg up on the style- or get home from the bar. For this, and many other reasons, he will always be known to many of us as "Uncle Buck."

I’ve known Buck since I was a baby. He was always there with his form of advice on anything really, sometimes unasked for, and not always appreciated. It’s hard to imagine who, if, anybody could possibly take that roll. Just like it’s hard for many people to imagine anyone more emblematic of the Old Grass Gnu Grass show and Kgnu. We eagerly waited for that familiar howl every morning around 10 am, followed as always but the bluegrass hotline. When he first passed the hotline to me I spent a long time trying to thank of way to open the hotline that was as distinctive of that howl. There was nothing, so I just let it go. (Buck wanted me to call the Hotline "Nickles from Heaven," which was also rejected.") Now the howl will never broadcast in real time again.

Plans for a public memorial are still are still being worked, look on for updated details. In the meantime the Family asks that donations be made to: The Rocky Mountain Centers, Midtown Office, 1800 Williams St. Denver, Co, 80218.

Cards to the family can be sent to me at Kgnu: The Address is 4700 Walnut St. Boulder, CO 80301 Attn: Bluegrass Hotline I’ll be sure to get it to them

For an updated calendar go to

Rip Buck, we will all miss you. 

Thank you.

Cousin Nickles