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Helen E. High (LeGrand) - Class Of 1907

Helen High (LeGrand)

November 19, 1888 - January 14, 1978

From - Copa de Oro, 1928, page 52

"In 1907 the present South Pasadena High School was finished, and in June of the same year held its first graduation exercises.  The class consisted of five girls and one boy.  Marion Burns, the boy, was killed in the World War.  Mrs. LeGrand is the only girl of the class at present living in South Pasadena.  Mrs. LeGrand has the distinction of being the first student from South Pasadena to attend Stanford, where she was awarded the Bachelor of Arts degree in 1911 and the Master of Arts degree in 1912.  In college she specialized in physics and mathematics.

Mrs. LeGrand is now a member of the faculty at the Westridge School for Girls in Pasadena, where she teaches Latin and English history."