In Memory

Henry R Elliott - Class Of 1914

Henry R Elliott

Henry R. Elliott

May 10, 1895 - September 1, 1987

From - Copa de Oro, 1928, page 53

"The Class of 1914 had increased to fifty members, as the high school was rapidly growing larger.  In 1914 the first "ditch day" was celebrated--and still is an annual affair enjoyed by the seniors.  In high school Mr. Elliott's major sport was track.  He had a part in the senior play, Pieces of Eight.  At the outbreak of America's entry into the World War Mr. Elliott enlisted and served overseas in the Medical Department of the Twenty-third Engineers.

The Men's Furnishing Shop of South Pasadena is now owned by Mr. Elliott.  He is active in community organizations, being a member of the Masonic Lodge and the American Legion.  He serves also on the Boy Scout Council."