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Ralph Nelson Duemling - Class Of 1963

Ralph Nelson Duemling


1LT - O2 - Marine Corps - Reserve

Ralph's tour began October 18, 1969 and he died in the service of his country August 18, 1970 in Quang Nam, South Vietnam.

Panel 08W - Line 121    The Vietnam Veterans Memorial

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11/11/12 08:45 PM #5    

Richard Mooberry (1964)

Thank you Aileen, and the other contributors. Definitely my memories of Ralph are of his bigger-than-life character - he was always kind and quiet and capable. God bless all veterans!

11/11/12 10:03 PM #6    

Annette Nowlin (Hauth) (1964)

Ralph lived near me when we were growing up.  We used to meet at the corner of our two streets and walk to school sometimes.  I've viewed his name on the Vietnam Memorial in Washington D.C.  It was an emotional moment that took me by surprise.  Thank you to all veterans who risk their lives for the freedom all Americans enjoy.

Anne Nowlin  '64

11/19/12 09:01 AM #7    

Geoffrey P McCloud (1964)

Where do we find such men ?  RIP Ralph

05/25/13 09:31 AM #8    

James 'Jim' Clark (1966)

Ralph- As Memorial Day nears, the Vietnam veterans of South Pasadena High School, Tigers all, salute you. As long as we're here, you're here. Judging from your schoolmates comments, you are unforgettable.

Jim Clark '66

05/26/13 10:48 PM #9    

James Michael Cogan (1966)

My first steady job was as busboy then checker at Joe Legue's Ralph's at Atlantic and Huntington.  Ralph took me under his wing and shepherded me through all the ins and outs, do's and don'ts of the job but not without his joyful, humanistic playfulness that kept me alive in a repetitive job like that.  He was my mentor.  His wife was the same.  He saved my job more than once.  He was one of the heroes of my turbulent youth:  Steadfast, full of fun, balanced, creative; a real prince who deeply cared for my welfare.

I was devastated to hear of his loss in Vietnam.  I went to DC, found his name on the new 'Wall' and cried my eyes out.  I had no idea how much this kind, brave, heroic young man meant to me until i realized there at the wall...that he was gone.  He is in my heart is the family whose loss is indescribable.

So many others, of whom I know nothing, stood up for what they believed was Ralph.  May we all take a moment to honor them on this day.  where would we be without those whose dedication is total!

Rest in Peace, Ralph.  Your name and memory will live in my heart forever.

Jim Cogan '66

05/27/13 11:57 AM #10    

Doug McLeod (1963)

Ralph and I were very good friends and when I was on leave from the USAF, Ralph became the God Father for my daughter, Jennifer in 1966.  I met Ralph's wife at that time.  When I am at the memorial in Washington, or each year in Branson, Mo. during Veterans Day, I always remember the special relationship I had with Ralph.  I also think about Ralph's wife, and offer a special prayer for her and the rest of his family.  I hope to meet them someday.

Ralph, your are always on my mind.  I will meet you again.

God Bless

05/25/14 05:13 PM #11    

Aileen Sylvester (1964)

05/25/14 05:15 PM #12    

Aileen Sylvester (1964)

05/28/17 06:42 AM #13    

Frank Carri (1964)

In reading these comments about Ralph, the common thread is that Ralph was first and foremost a calm, thoughtful and kind human being-------that is exactly how I remember him and for me, that is how he stood apart from so many of us hormone driven students at SPHS. Our son, Colin, brought home a "WALL" rubbbing of Ralph's name on his junior high school trip to DC in '95, and it is now my turn today to do the same while In DC on this Memorial day weekend of 2017. Rest in peace, Ralph------- I will always remember you as the calm in the eye of the storm.

05/30/17 07:20 PM #14    

Frederick Gregory Ledder (1963)

I was on the track team with Ralph and he was a member of the "fat mans relay"This was a group of shot putters and sprinter Greg Smith.On some track meets the fat mans relay was a last event run as a more or less joke as a non scoring event but was a riot to watch.They took their copa picture stuffing their sweats with towels to make them look like strong men

.I met  ralph and his wife during halftime at a so pas football game with my future wife terry.  I was unaware that he was in the service. like may of our classmetts I lost track of them since graduation.


to hear of his death and that of bob campbell was a real shock.


I'll always remember them  more them just names on the wall


fred ledder 

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