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Timothy Cross - Class Of 1966

Timothy Cross

Timothy Michael Cross died of esophageal cancer November 24, 2002 after ten months of chemotherapy, radiation, and an esophageal resectioning.

He and his wife, Paula, were married 34 years on October 26, 2002 and have a son born December 2, 1991 after 23 years of marriage.

Submitted by Paula and Sterling Cross


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Victoria Brown (Bowles) (1966)

I am writing this so that Tim's son might know what his father was like during the time that I knew him.  I met Tim in a science class that we shared when we were seniors.  Our first date was on May 20, 1966 and we dated steadily until about January 1968.  The reason I remember the exact date of May 20th is that that was the date of the Gas Company employee night and his dad worked for the Gas Company so we spent the evening with short lines and few people since it was exclusive.  We attended the following year as well about the same date.  At that time it was popular to "celebrate" monthly anniversaries when you continued to date someone so the 20th of each month became the countdown as to how long we were "together."

Tim was quiet and shy in school and so was I but he was so "cute" that I spread the word to a joint friend and somehow he asked me out.  We had fun and wanted to attend the prom together but he had already asked a sophomore and could not renig on that invitation so we attended each with other people while wanting to be together at that event.  We attended Grad Nite together which meant we took a train from South Pasadena to a hotel in San Diego called "The Catamaran" with our entire senior class.  The hotel hosted us exclusively, as I recall, and we were able to play games such as billiards and ping pong and walk on the beach.  We returned to South Pasadena early the next morning, exhausted from being up all night.  We all waited for our parents to pick us up and I am sure that everyone spent the day sleeping!

We spent the summer going to the beach and to the movies.  Tim worked on his cars and cars belonging to friends and family.  My older sisters came to visit from Arizona and my little nieces and nephews loved him.  He was so good with them.  We took them to play tennis at which I was terrible and he was, of course, a star.  He taught tennis that summer at a park and I had a parttime job in the children's department at the local library.  He met me everyday after work and we would sit outside of our cars and talk.  We laughed and laughed and had so much fun together that 18th summer of ours. 

It is important for you to know that your dad was the most righteous young man, or, as I look back, probably the most righteous person I have ever known.  He was always a gentlemen, courteous, considerate, polite, generous - I could go on and on and I am sure you already know all of that but this was rare even at that time.  He never swore or drank or drove in an exhibition-like manner.  He never talked negatively about our friends and never lost his temper.  I have so many funny stories that I could relate but they might not mean much now or to anyone else but they make me smile.  I can still hear his voice when certain things come to mind.  I was looking forward to seeing him at a reunion and to meet his family and for him to meet mine and to reminisce when I read of his passing.  I know the loss was devastating for you and for his family as I was shocked and saddened.  I also know that we will all have a reunion with him someday in heaven and we can rejoice in knowing that he served God well and was exemplary in the actions and words of his life.  I can attest to that as I am sure you can.  I would imagine, that as his son, he conveyed those strong attributes to you and that your friends are most respectful as everyone was to him when I knew him.

Vicky (Brown) Bowles

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