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Lois Marion Kentle - Class Of 1924

Lois Marion Kentle

Lois Kentle

1907 - August 26, 1930


Seek Motive for Slaying of Pair on Lonely Beach - Francis Conlon and Lois Kentle, Fiancee, Are Murdered By Unknown Assailant

Ensenada, Lower California, Mexico - A motive for the brutal slaying of Francis Conlon, 24, Monrovia, California, businessman and his fiancee, Lois Kentle, Los Angeles sorority girl was sought by Mexican and American authorities today.

The bodies of the couple, stabbed to death by an unknown assailant, were found on the beach August 26, 1930. Near the spot were evidences of a camping ground that evidently had been hastily broken up, according to the police. There appeared to be no motive for the murders, the American consul at the Lower California resort told the girl's relatives. They were strolling along the beach when their slayer crept upon them.

Mrs. William Kentle, mother of the girl, said the young couple had planned to be married. The port captain of Ensenada discovered the bodies, sprawled twenty feet from a tent they had pitched on the beach. Miss Kentle was president for two years of the national Phi Mu sorority chapter at UCLA. She was prominent in alumni affairs.

The Daily Northwestern, August 27, 1930