In Memory

Robert W. Beedle - Class Of 1939

Robert W. Beedle

Military Service

Rank:  Ensign

Combat Organization:  United States Navy Reserve

Death Date:  January 5, 1945

Monument:  Fort William McKinley, Manila, The Philippines

Last Known Status:  Missing

U.S. Awards:  Purple Heart Medal, Air Medal, Additional Navy-Marine Corps Awards


In the biography of William Holden (Bob's older brother), "Golden Boy," Bob Thomas describes Bob Beedle's death in air combat at Kavieng, New Ireland in the South Pacific:

"Ensign Beedle, who had already destroyed two Japanese Zeros, had been part of a carrier-based squadron of Hellcats escorting dive bombers on the raid.  The Hellcats were attacked by half a dozen Zeros, and Beedle's plane was apparently hit as he turned to intercept a pair of Japanese planes that concentrated on him.  Said his section leader: 'His Hellcat swept upward in a lazy loop, pulled out just above the water, flew level for a few seconds, then plunged into the whitecaps. His guns were still blasting.'"