In Memory

Katherine Dorothy Heath (Bon) - Class Of 1931

Katherine Heath Bon died of cancer on April 30, 1999 in Switzerland where she had lived for the last 50 years.

Born in 1913 to Frederick and Edna Felton Heath, she moved into the family home on Oak Street in South Pasadena.  With her two brothers, Wesley and Edmond, and her sister Clarita, she attended Marengo School and South Pasadena High School from which she graduated in 1931.  After two years at Immaculate Heart College she attended business school and honed her skills to become part of a war team at Cal Tech.  In 1948 she married Claus A. Bon and moved to Switzerland.

After her three children were grown, she was able to spend several weeks a year at home in California where she enjoyed renewing her treasured friendships.  When she was 76 she was introduced to quilting.  Piecing quilts became her consuming interest and her artistry was well known.

She is survived by her husband Claus, her daughter Claudia Meyer-Bon, an art teacher; and two sons, Doctors Gaudenz and Reto Bon; six grandchildren, and sister Clarita, and many nieces and nephews.  Brothers Wesley '25 and Edmond '28, sister Clarita '34, and niece Candy Reiter Midkiff '61 were all South Pasadena graduates.