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Max Jaffee

Max Jaffee

November 17, 1920 - January 16, 2012



Studio City, California:  Dear South Pasadena Widget Factory, I left your plant in '39, a nearly rejected widget, barely passing inspection. I was, however, accepted in the US Army where I dogfaced it for 3 1/2 years. I spent the next 27 years in the Federal Civil Service where I worked as a Management Analyst in the Army Engineers, the Air Force Supply Sustem, the Navy Procurement System, the IRS, and the Department of Defense Contract Administration Services. For the past ten years I have worked privately in such eclectic places as CBS TV, Bullock's Legal Department, State Bar of California, KCET TV, on TV, and in several law firms as an assistant to attorneys. Here I am, 43 years later, a classic widget.

The Grand Reunion Volume I, 1907 - 1982, May 1982


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