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Charles Seely - Class Of 1934

Charles Seely

Charles Seely

1916 - August 14, 1938



SOUTH PASADEAN DROWNED; 300,000 Flock to Beaches

Despite the unusually cool weather yesterday, more than 300,000 persons crowded the beaches from Malibu to Balboa. In Los Angeles the thermometer registered a high of 77 degrees shortly after noon. Although tide rips were not prevalent, one man was drowned at Laguna and fourteen rescues were reported at other resorts.

Swept from the shore by a tide rip, Charles Seely, 21 years of age, of 1131 Mound Avenue, South Pasadena, lost his life while swimming off Three-Arch Bay, near Laguna Beach. Two companions brought the body ashore, where the first-aid squad of the Laguna Fire Department worked for more than an hour to revive him.


Los Angeles Times, August 15, 1938