In Memory

Jack K. Dalton

Jack K. Dalton

Jack K Dalton

June 16, 1921 - November 19, 2002

Mr Dalton taught Art classes at SPHS for 27 years, from 1956 to 1983



Strawberry Tree (Serigraph) 1960 by Jack Dalton

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06/07/09 10:16 PM #5    

"Jb" James Griffin (1973)

Jack Dalton was a kind mind who always had a kind word to say. I am so sorry to hear of his passing!

06/23/09 01:14 PM #6    

Kathleen Marie Duran (1978)

He was one of my favorite teacher's. My love of art and art history has brightened many of my days. He inspired all of us to be better...
You will be missed.

11/05/09 08:28 AM #7    

Judith Doane (Sall) (1965)

In my Junior year, I started drawing pictures of the Beatles, and would go to Mr. Dalton to ask for newsprint to sketch on in study hall. He finally asked to see what I was using the paper for, and when he saw my sketches, he encouraged me to sign up for Drawing and Design my Senior year. He gave me the tools to continue my creative interests, and I will always be grateful to him for his encouragement.

05/03/10 10:15 PM #8    

J. Kent McCorkle (1968)

Jack Dalton introduced me to art and an appreciation of art that has lasted a lifetime. On top of his contribution as a motivated and capable instructor,educator, and artist...Jack provided me an unbelievable kindness at a time I needed it the most. My father passed away two weeks before graduation in 1968 after a lengthy illness. I had art class just before lunch...and art history directly after. Jack would let me skip class which allowed me the time to run up to Huntington Hospital to see my Dad. On some occasions...he even allowed me to borrow his white mustang with the black top. I will never forget that kindness and what it meant to have that little bit of extra time with just my dad and I. I like to belive that in todays world there are still those individuals in positions of trust that would exercise their own good judgement in situations where the unusual requires the unorthodox. Jack Dalton.... his kindness, compassion, generous heart and sprit touched me in a way I will never be able to repay. Thank you Mr Dalton.

09/02/10 04:21 PM #9    

Barri Limpus (Clark) (1961)

 Jack Dalton was my favorite teacher.  Coming suddenly in October of my Senior year to So Pas, I felt very lost and adrift.  He was my anchor.  I can't see one of Turner's paintings without thinking of Jack's words regarding light.  And that great Latin derived word, Juxtaposition!

04/06/11 07:22 PM #10    

Christopher Klancher (1974)

The only student of the French Fauvist painter Raoul Dufy, Jack Dalton was a very fine artist who never boasted to his students. When we asked where we could see his work he said, "Houston." When asked why, he replied, "Because that's where the money is." (That was also outlaw Jesse James' answer when asked why he robbed banks.)

I still have hundreds of slides running through my brain of Mr. Dalton's incredible Art History classes: Gericault's "The Raft of the Medusa;" Giotto's "The Kiss of Judas;" Turner's "Rain, Steam and Speed;" Whistler's "Nocturne in Blue and Gold — Old Battersea Bridge" ... and of course "Arrangement in Gray, Black and White: The Artist's Mother," which if you identified it on a test as 'Whistler's Mother' you were not only marked wrong, but you received the famous, sharp "Dalton Glare" over the top of his gray framed reading glasses.

Mr. Dalton was beside himself with outrage when in 1972 some poor, crazy slob got close enough to Michelangelo's "Pieta" to deface the figure of Mary with a hammer.  He was grief-stricken over the incident and ran through his precious slides of details of the masterpiece over and over again. 

Mr. Dalton was kind enough to offer me the opportunity to go to Art Center College of Design in L.A. for Saturday figure drawing classes taught by students of the great Lorser Feitelson. Such a great opportunity for a young art student!

And who can forget those Mondrian-esque composition assignments in Drawing and Design class. I still have dreams about them.

Thank you Mr. Dalton.

02/14/12 11:42 PM #11    

Susan M Trares (Miller) (1967)

Jack Dalton was one of my favorite teachers.  His Art History class (and subsequent college art history courses) gave me an appreciation for art that has lasted a life time.  His knowledge, kindness and unfailing good humor made him a very special teacher indeed.

05/07/12 09:56 PM #12    

Greg Gustafson (1974)

Impeccably dressed,  Prince Albert beard, twinkling eyes, he would sometimes call me "Sire". The epitome of grace, class, and dignity,  Mr Dalton was a gentle guide and nurtured a love of art that is with me still. I absolutely loved being in his classroom. Thank you dear Jack.

07/07/13 10:13 PM #13    

Sally Horan (Hanson) (1974)

Greg G could not have said it better.  There is nothing more to say to a class act.  Gary Penn (teacher) found Jack sitting in a chair dressed to "the nine's" looking peacefully.  I, too, think of Jack often when taking a art class.


08/21/15 10:20 AM #14    

Aileen Sylvester (1964)

Biography   Jack Dalton

 Born in 1921, Dalton was attending the University of Arizona when called into duty during World War II.  His service took him to France, where he met French painter Raoul Dufy following the liberation of France.  Their friendship was renewed when Dufy traveled to Tucson, Arizona for medical treatment.  By this time, Dalton had graduated and was teaching art and studying the correlation of art and education problems.  Dufy assisted Dalton with his master's thesis on this subject.Dalton  was researching  his Master of Arts thesis at the University of Arizona and started a correspondence with the School of Paris Artists which included Georges Ronault, Marc Chagall and Raoul Dufy. Dufy's  biography became a thesis subject for Dalton.  Dalton died in 2002.  Jack Dalton is known for watercolors.

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