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Richard 'Dick' Weikel - Class Of 1956

I took this picture in the gym when I attended my 50th SPHS reunion September 2007.  It incorrectly lists Dick's class as 1957.  Dick was still alive and was amused by it when I showed the picture to him.

Dick became a doctor and was such a great guy.  He died unexpectedly of pancreatic cancer on December 29, 2007.

Mary Alice Weikel Cliff '57Dick's Sister




Richard 'Dick' Weikel

October 2, 1938 - December 29, 2007






Veteran Story

US Army reserves
(6 months in 1961)

US Navy

Medic on a destroyer during Viet Nam war

Ventura County Shore Base.










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03/26/13 09:53 AM #1    

Tom Bauer (1956)

Dick was a great guy and a great friend. He was also a very classy guy.  One time I was having a birthday dinner at my house. My mother had prepared steak and fries. Dick was so late arriving that we had to sit down and eat without him. He didn't arrive until we were done with the main course.  As a joke we all put our scraps, bones and all, on a plate and tried to arrange them gourmet style. It looked awful.  When Dick sat down at the table we put the plate in front of him. A real classy guy, he complemented my mother on how great it looked and started to dig in, beautifully masking how appalled he probably was. We all broke out laughing and my mom brought out the plate she had kept warm in the oven. I wish I'd kept in touch with him after graduation.

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