In Memory

Stuart E Ferguson - Class Of 1945

Stuart E Ferguson

Stuart, born on May 17, 1927, died on June 26, 2011 in Sunnyvale, California.  He was 84 and his cause of death was sepsis/Alzheimer's disease.

Stuart loved his years at South Pasadena High.  He had lived in Sunnyvale for 54 years and taught math in Los Altos High School for 28 years.  In 1949 he was a Lt. Commander in the Navy Air program and remained in the active reserves for 33 years flying out of Alameda, California.  He was active in sports and helped coach in the high school.  He flew his Comanche 250 for 38 years, bringing a lot of flying adventures to the family as well as to friends.  He built houses during his summer vacations, traveled, and enjoyed scuba diving trips.  He had many skills and talents.  He was a team player.  He was loyal to his old friends and stayed in touch with many of his high school buddies.  He was fun with a quick sense of humor and a ready laugh.  He loved the USA and was grateful for living in such a wonderful country.

Stuart was a wonderful husband for 59 years and an involved father as well as grandfather.  Stuart is survived by his wife Susan; three children; and seven grandchildren.  He was loved and will be greatly missed by all those who knew him and enjoyed his company.  RIP