Patti Wing Iverson

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Patti Wing
Class of 1968
Residing In: Sunriver, OR USA
Homepage: facebook
Spouse/Partner: Randy-a handsome, Godly, retired Fire Chief 40 yrs.
Children, Grandchildren: Son Peter (43) in Lake Oswego, OR with lovely wife, Sarah and my perfect, adorable gdtr Ella, age More…13 and smashingly stunning g'son,Theo, age 12 and our dtr Meagan (38) and her nice husband Jeff, here in Sunriver, OR. Total joy having our family. Not always perfect, to be sure. We went "round that bend" with our son but he is now an upstanding family man, citizen and Firefighter. Our daughter, the musician and Godly woman, brings us joy.
Occupation title: Christian, wife, writer, homemaker, calligrapher.
Yes! Attending Reunion
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Patti Iverson

Occupation/Career(s) Details:

Telephone operator, Preschool teacher, respite caregiver, Activity director for nursing/retirement homes, Puppeteer for Easter Seals, Rainbow Clown!, Mrs. Claus! I am retired after 20 years and somewhat suffering from loss of my dear alter egos! :) Contributing author in 13+ books, regular monthly columnist for The Christian Journal newspaper, many articles in magazines re health, marriage, parenting, Christianity. My main occupation is being a disciple of Christ Jesus and serving Him , my husband,and serving my local community church in many capacities. I did do a lot of singing solos for years, but asthma somewhat quenched that. I still sing, just only for God 'n myself! :)

Different places I have lived:

South Pasadena,Covina, Santa Cruz, CA, Beaverton, OR, Central Point, OR, Medford, OR, and finally in Sunriver, OR.
Dream came true!

Family history living in South Pasadena:

Oooh, you don't want MY family history! Brother John (Bud) Wing was a SPHS football star ("Cream 'em, Bud!") Ray Solari was his coach.He married Ruthanne (Cookie) Zeller--two older sisters, Roberta Wing Pickel (Bobbie), married Roy, and Sheila Wing Miller, married Melvin (Mickey). Both of them married HS sweethearts immediately after graduation. All 3 of my older siblings are deceased. Twin sister Peggy lives in Moreno Valley, CA, with her family: husband Mike Wharton is now deceased,and 4 grown kids. Peggy and I were fully involved in singing/chorus at SPHS, also Job's Daughters. We had a troubled life with an alcoholic/abusive family but the teachers at SPHS tried to reach out to us. I am grateful we were in that small, caring community with a faithful Irish grandma next door to SPHS, rather than a big city atmosphere. Both parents died while we were in high school. Traumatic, to say the least. But God was watching over us even, and especially, at that time even though we didn't realize it. For that I praise Him with a most grateful heart.

Family members who also went to SPHS:

Peggy Wing Wharton
John Wing-deceased
Roberta Wing Pickel-deceased
Sheila Wing Miller- deceased

Other SPHS graduates I keep in touch with:

Brigitte Cowper Gossage, Nancy Browne Butros, Mary Beth Bohnsack Conklin, Linda Bernard Meschmer, Susie Calli, and of course, Peggy Wing Wharton, my twin. Thru years spoke to or emailed: Chris Ashworth, Mary Goeken, Ruthann Blankenship, Janet Schlaifer, Kathy Sanchez. Wow! That's quite a few! I truly enjoyed being at two reunions and greeting old "alums". I use the term "old" loosely! :) Class of '67 + 68 was a really fun one! My 20th was sort of sad as I was trying to quit smoking after 25 years--arrrgh. Been smokefree since June 23, 1988, 7pm, but who's counting? Me!!

School Memories:

Mr. Noble and singing! Dear Mr. Adams playing the piano for us and loving us with his quiet manner. Ditching class to go to the beach! Winchell's for chocolate bars and diet cokes EVERY morn. Riding on the back of "Rufus's " small motorcycle. Singing, singing, singing. Wanting to be a Tigerette but having to be a "Jobie" instead. Mrs. Burr and Spanish. Ray Solari being the football coach and friend. Mr. Goto "Why I?" "Do the ends justify the means?" I was clueless...Mrs. Lauer and her English. How I wished I'd been more mature and open to learning, sigh...! Fossleman's. Fair Oaks Blvd. Shoplifting. :( Very sad about that. I tried to make ammends and am forgiven... The Rialto. The Plunge. Football games and yelling our fool heads off. Never did homework. After folks died, us twins living on our own and our house being way too much fun. (& dirty! Now I'm a neatnik) The Beatles and The Animals. "Measured" White and Navy Blue skirts--ugh! :) Go-go boots, mini skirts, bell bottoms, tons of makeup, ratting hair, macrame belts, Beach boys 'n surfers, mmmmm! Hippies 'n Haight Ashbury, Stanyon Street and other Sorrows... The Abbey and other places we shouldn't have been, big sigh...

Organizations, clubs, sports groups, and other groups I (did or do) participate in (in high school and/or now):

Bluebirds/Camp Fire/Horizon Club-Job's Daughters-Youth for Christ-Easter Seals-Christian Women's Club-Oregon Christian Writers-Rogue Riters-was on the board for Child Evangelism Fellowship with my husband, Church and the Sunriver Women's Club and the Potluck Committee-seems like I've been such a joiner all my life but these are the only ones I can think of here! The mind's starting to go... :)

Milestones & Epiphanies:

Being Honored Queen in Job's Daughters. Becoming a Christian. Marrying Randy. Randy being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. His sister also has MS. Having Children. My one time book signing at Barnes 'n Nobles, (not 15 min but two hours of fame!) Overcoming many obstacles with forgiveness from past and present and realizing God will never give me more than I can handle and will doubly bless me through the trials. Now THAT'S an epiphaniy and a milestone. HE is in control and will be coming again--I am ready for Him and NOTHING this world throws at me will ruffle my feathers, except perhaps momentarily. And a huge epihany is that when you have The Lord AND your health, you DO have everything! And yes, I do! :)

[Date] What's happening in my life now:

I love all the seasons in OR. Been fun having family and friend's reunions, company, picnics, and doing all the summertime joys. But now my brain has wandered to hot chocolate, an occassional snowy day, cozying up under a soft blanket with a good read, sleeping late under a down comforter... ooooh! Women's Ministries is important to me. Still entertaining and just "doing" life...

Pastimes & Hobbies:

Writing. Calligraphy. Reading. Music. Ministering to women and children, leading Bible studies and giving fancy schmancy tea parties! I am one of the "Ladies who lunch"! Entertaining and cooking but no baking... Concerts/movies/television/Internet. Playing around with my retired husband :). We've had two Harley Davidsons and one BMW dual sport--I'm too old 'n fat to be a Biker Chick but was a great Motorcycle Mama and even been to Sturgis... whoo hooo! No longer ride nor swim since I had two ileostoies and have to keep my diabetes insullins/meds under strict control.

Favorite Music, Songs, Bands

I love "some" classical. country,and pop. Still and always enjoy musicals old and new. My daughter is a pianist and musical director/teacher/vocal coach. We've been blessed she does that. Love that old time rock 'n roll from 50s/60s with all my heart 'n soul. Celtic music moves my Irish heart but then, so does Bluegrass, so there ya go... I'm totally schizo in my tastes but I prefer to say "eclectic"... I cannot live without music, period.

Favorite Books, Magazines, Movies, TV etc:

Oh my, where to begin? First and foremost, the Bible--and then non fiction and fiction books and magazines to make me a better person, whether they are Christian or secular. Comedies to Commentaries... But on the other side, I need a "good read" always at hand to escape and enjoy-then it ranges from biographies, Dean Koontz, Francine Rivers, Ann Rule, Karen Ball, Maeve Binchy, Bonnie Leon, Danielle Steel, L'Engle, CS Lewis, Mary Higgins Clark--I am a reader. I belong to the Oregon Christian Writers Assc. and love knowing and having met many authors. TV: I love the Food Network, TLC, Home & Garden, Travel, Grey's Anatomy, movies (esp. Hallmark & Lifetime),House, American Idol, Animal Planet (sometimes)... Radio: everything from Talk Shows to music. Not modern rock or shock jocks. I love to go to the movies and see entertaining shows--not violence or teeny bopper sex romps. I know I'm getting O L D... hoooooray!

Additional Comments:

I endured "female issues" and ulcerative colitis for 10 years and then a hysterectomy and two ileostomies. Asthma is under control but reared it's ugly head through many years of frozen lungs, pneumonias, hospitalizations. I am a diabetic and it is very hard to control. My H1ac has gone from 5.5 up to 17--so you know how it jerks me around! I've issues with circulation, cellulitis and chronic venous insufficiency with stasis in my legs which keeps me very humble and also very ticked, occassionally! But I do have a Great Physician--Jesus!--and He still wants to keep me going and having fun in life, and so, ta da! I'm usually up for that. :) I refuse to be defined by my health, for sure! We've relished many trips to Hawaii, a cruise to BC, trips on the Harley and traveling around the US. Caregiving took up a lot of our time, with my husband's folks. His dad died of Alzheimers and his elderly mom lived with us for 31 yrs It was the job God has gave us to do, and so we did, with willing joy. But it was not easy, and after so many years I would not recommend it unless one has ESP (Extra Spiritual Power), a tremendous sense of honor, humility, and humor! Our 3 most important words: LET IT GO. That's all ya need to know!

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