Sandi Edwards Kingery

Profile Updated: April 12, 2018
Sandi Edwards
Class of 1958
Residing In: San Diego, CA USA
Spouse/Partner: Frank Kingery, Environmental & Marine Consultant
Children, Grandchildren: Daughter: Karen Lemmon, J.D.
Son-in law: Tom Lemmon, Bussiness Manager, AFL-CIO
Grand Daughter: More… Katharine Eileen Lemmon (Katie) age 13, attends Warren-Walker School, 8th grade. The Lemmon family live on Mission Bay in San Diego.
Nephew: Sterling Kovach age 24. Sterling has lived with us for the past 10 years while attending high school and college.
Occupation title: Retired/Homemaker
Yes! Attending Reunion
Occupation/Career(s) Details:

My working "Career'! started at the TACO TREAT on Mission Blvd. in So Pas. It was great fun, it was like hanging out but getting paid for it.
The guys on the foot ball team were the best costomers and they knew they could always count on me to make extra large tacos and borittos for them; even Coach Solarie would make an occaniol appearence. I think he was checking on the team more than the food.

I was also modeling for I Mag, Robinson and Bullocks plus doing some commercials. All these jobs at the same time allowed me to buy my first real car. At the ripe old age of 18 I was the proud owner of a baby blue and white 1955 Chevy convertible. With my car and baby blue long board I thought, Sandy your doing OK!

Tried PCC, college was not for me.
Moved over to Hawaii and became a surfer. I was quite serious about the sport and quite good. I qualified for the prestigious Makaha Surfing Championship in 1960. However I did not compete. There was a conflict of dates and I had to choose between the surf meet in Hawaii or my wedding day in So Pasadena!

Thus began my second career; Wife and Home Maker

Six years later I moved back to Hawaii, this time with a 2 year old baby daughter and my baby blue surf! board.

to be continued

Different places I have lived:

Kahala Heights, Honolulu, Hawaii - 3 months

After graduation my twin sister, Shirlee, and I boarded the SS Lalani bound for Hawaii. Diane Farrow (58) and her family were also aboard and we did have some fun times. I think that Shirlee and I, being unescorted, got away with a bit more than Diane who had her mother, sister Chris, (59) and younger brother shadowing her!

This summer also is another story, quite a god one!

South Pasadena
I attended PCC where I met Valorie Pell from Palm Springs. We became best friends and still are We shared a lovely apartment on the corner of Laurel and Fair Oaks, next door to Bill Berry (58). I had a crush on him in 8th grade but he liked my twin sister, Shirlee, better. This is another story for later!

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