In Memory

Gail Imler (Marin) - Class Of 1958

Gail Imler (Marin)

Gail Imler Marin passed away quietly in her sleep on February 19, 2011.  She was at her home in West Hollywood and comfortable at the time.

In November 2010, Gail had been diagnosed with stage four lung cancer that had metastasized and gone to her liver.  Because she had experienced cancer and the radiation and chemo therapy with others, she elected to not go through all of that.  Christy Barden and Winnie Ferguson, long time friends from her days in Hawaii in the early 1960s volunteered to be her care givers.  Christy and Winnie arrived in January, setting up camp in her living room.  Gail was placed under Hospice care at that time and she was in charge of everything; from what she ate, to how her cat RJ was fed, to her own funeral arrangements.  Winnie and Christy were there to take care of her needs and time was spent reading, watching movies on the TV and resting.  Hospice was wonderful in helping with medications to help the pain of a body shutting down. 

Gail was born in Los Angeles, August 25, 1940, the youngest of two, and her family lived in San Francisco and Mill Valley with Gail graduating from South Pasadena High School in 1958.  She then went to work for the Federal Reserve Bank in operations.  She learned how a proof department ran and was one of their fastest and most efficient operators.  Gail moved to Hawaii in 1961 and took a similar job there.  Then the travel bug started; first to Greece for a year or so, then back to Hawaii to earn enough money to go back to Greece again, living on the small island of Hydra.  She came back to California in the early 1970s and worked for several banks in between her foreign travels.  She had lived in West Hollywood since 1977, working as a bookkeeper and continuing to travel to the Far East, Africa, and Europe.  She was a good friend.

Christy Barden, Friend