In Memory

Ron McGrath - Class Of 1958

Ron McGrath

Ron McGrath

May 2, 1942 - April 11, 2021

Ron died at age 78 of pancreatic cancer in Austin, Texas.  He is survived by his wife Ingrid and sons Andrew and Brian, and daughter, Christine.

Ron was a good friend. If a meeting was planned he always there on tine. He was a newspaper carrier for the LA Times an early morning job, distributing on a bicycle. Ron became enrolled in classes at South Pasadena Junior High and we were acquainted then. He told me that he had gotten his previous years' education in Hong Kong in a school for children from British families. Ron's family lived there because his father had a job overseeing imports to the USA. At the school, before the beginning of instruction in the mornings, all students had to stand in rows as the British flag was being raised and had to sing the anthem. Ron said as an American he did not like to have to do that. In his after school years I will assume that he had to attend many 'star-spangled' flag raisings while serving in the Air Force of a 20-year career. He served in Vietnam, West Germany, and many bases in the States.

Ron died in a hospital only three weeks before his 79th birthday. Ingrid his wife, had notified us. I conclude that Ron McGrath was a true and patriotic American. Ron was very honored to participate in the Honor Flight to Washington, DC as a Veteran.

Gary Roth '58