Bruce Eskander - SPHSAA Webmaster

Profile Updated: July 1, 2021
Class of 1972
Residing In: Springville, UT USA
Homepage: View Website
Spouse/Partner: Stefanie Clark - Class of '69
Children, Grandchildren: Ian - San Antonio, TX
Amy - Santaquin, UT
Alec - Moorpark, CA
Annie - SLC, UT

7 More…Grandchildren and more to come!
2019: Ruby, Amy's daughter
2015: Linc, Alec's son Lincoln
2015: Pete, Amy's son
2013: Lucy, Amy's daughter
2012: Sofie, Ian's daughter
2009: Jack, Alec's son Jackson
2005: Aidan, Ian's son
Occupation title: "Plan B" Business Coach, Income from Home Marketing
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Different places I have lived:

July 2017 - UT, Springville
01.08 Yrs. - UT, Lehi
03.70 Yrs. - NJ, Midland Park
17.50 Yrs. - CA, Moorpark
03.00 Yrs. - NY, East Aurora
02.25 Yrs. - MN, Eden Prairie
04.00 Yrs. - RI, Peace Dale
07.75 Yrs. - CA, Hollywood
00.75 Yrs. - CA, San Gabriel
24.25 Yrs. - CA, South Pasadena

Elementary school and junior high/middle school(s) that I attended.

1959-1966: Marengo Elementary
1966-1969: South Pasadena Junior High School
1969-1971: South Pasadena High School (thru Oct.)

Other SPHS graduates I keep in touch with:

The SPHS Class of 1972 of course!
Visit if you are a '72 alumni

School Memories:

I grew up in South Pasadena but during my 2nd month of the 12th grade (in 1971) I moved to San Gabriel to participate in their gymnastics program at SGHS. South Pasadena did not have a gymnastics program. The coach was giving me personal training at PCC so I could compete. He told me he would like to continue training me for the Olympics. Unfortunately, I had a severe life-changing accident while practicing on the rings. That ended all hopes of further competition. I was in pain and in therapy for the next 3 years.

I lived with church friends from Trinity Lutheran Church in San Gabriel.

I graduated from SGHS in '72 with a higher grade point average than I had in SP. I made many new friends but most of my hometown friends were from South Pasadena, so that is who I associate my school years with.

Organizations, clubs, sports groups, and other groups I (did or do) participate in (in high school and/or now):

BACK THEN: Indian Guides, Cub Scouts, Webelo Scouts, Boy Scouts, Explorer Scouts. Campus Life & Campus Fellowship - Christian Youth Ministries, The Sixth Door - a Christian youth outreach ministry & Trinity Lutheran Church in San Gabriel

ALONG THE WAY: Explorer Post Leader, Tiger Cubs Leader, Cub Master, Scoutmaster, California Realtor Assoc., National Society of Business Opportunity Appraisers

NOW: SPHS Alumni Association - Board of Directors & Website Administrator, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Milestones & Epiphanies:

I love to travel with Stefanie. I've been to every state in the U.S. (except Alaska), to England, France, Scotland, all across Canada, Mexico, Thailand, Bali, South Korea, and Hong Kong.

The world is made up of people that have similar and opposing ideas, values, and opinions. It seems split in half when you consider political ideology and societal philosophy. No matter what the differences are, my belief is that we are all God's children and we have common bonds. Everyone is my brother or sister. Hmm, brothers and sisters don't always get along though, do they?!

[Date] What's happening in my life now:

2020: Working on updating
2019: Working on updating
2018: Working on updating
2017: Working on updating
2016: Working on updating

Aug 27, 2016: Wedding reception for Sofie Greenbaum, one of the young women Stefanie taught in New Jersey.
Aug 26, 2016: Church outdoor dinner/activities and campout at Altmont Group Campground
Aug 25, 2016: My step-sister Lori Hendy visits for dinner including one of my sister's son's Michael Collins.
Aug 14, 2016: Stefanie and I give talks in church and later Stefanie's old friend from BYU visit us for a BBQ
Aug 13, 2016: Attended baptism of Mya Bergeson in Cedar Hills, UT then to a wedding reception for Zen & Naomi Weight, son of our dear friends from New Jersey
Aug 05, 2016: Dinner with our dear friends from New Jersey, Ken & Claudia Loso
Aug 05, 2016: I register our car at the DMV
July 23, 2016: Church Event: Ward Pioneer Day Breakfast
July 22, 2016: Central Utah Gardens-Traditional Irish Music.
July 18, 2016: Son Ian and his kids (Sofie and Aidan) visit. The whole family goes to the Museum of Oddities in Lehi UT and then for a taco dinner with Jessie & Julia Clark (the cousins).
July 17, 2016: Birthday BBQ for our grandson Pete to celebrate his 1st birthday.
July 16, 2016: Wedding reception for David & Lindsey Funk... son of our dear friends from South Pasadena.
July 09, 2016: Enjoyed the annual Scottish Festival in Payson UT then attended my step-sister Lori's daughter's (Michelle) wedding reception.
Jul 08, 2016: Our 38th Wedding Anniversary. We went to the BYU Museum of Art, had lunch at Good Thymes in Provo, saw the movie BFG, rode the tram at Sundance Mountain Resort and had dinner there in the Tree Room.
Jun 08, 2016: Drove to Moorpark, California to load up our items in storage, went to the SPHS Alumni Picnic in South Pasadena, and drove back to Lehi UT on June 14th.
Jun 01, 2016: Arrive in Lehi Utah at Stefanie's brother's home, offered to us while we plan where we want to settle down.
May 31, 2016: Douglas WY: Stayed at a Hampton Inn on our way to Utah
May 29, 2016: Eureka SD: Stayed with our friends from Moorpark CA, the Roggenkamps who moved to SD.
May 27, 2016: Chicago: Stayed with Stefanie's sister Leslie. She gave us a Chicago Architecture Tour!
May 25, 2016: CROSS-COUNTRY TREK: Left New Jersey to drive to Utah. Stefanie was one of many laid off from their jobs in Manhattan at Madame Alexander Toys. We visited our dear friends, the Riggs, in Ann Arbor MI, and stayed overnight with them after spending the day at the museum with their family.
May 18, 2016: Broadway Show: Fiddler On The Roof!
May 16, 2016: Taxi cab driver drives into our car!
Apr 20-24, 2016: Bruce visits family in San Antonio then flies to California (25th-2nd) to visit family and friends. Stefanie flies to Utah for an elementary school toy presentation. Bruce flies to Utah May 3rd-7th.
Mar 25, 2016: Trip to New Jersey coastline near Neptune
Feb 03, 2016: Trip to California for a family reunion and visits with friends in Moorpark

Nov 26, 2015: 6-day Thanksgiving vacation with family in San Antonio TX.
Oct 30, 2015: Bruce flies to SLC to help with the blessing of his grandson, Pete.
Oct 18, 2015: Trip to The Paramount to see Loreena McKennitt, "A Trio Performance" for our engagement anniversary, the 17th.
Oct 10, 2015: Trip to Stone Ridge, NY
Oct 03, 2015: Went to see Art Garfunkel @ Carnegie Hall
Sep 25, 2015: Overnight trip to Harmony PA, visited Aaronic Priesthood Restoration site.
Sep 07, 2015: Our day-trip to Easton PA
Aug 29, 2015: Trip to Teddy Roosevelt Museum, Long Island NY
Aug 22, 2015: And again on the 24th, oO]ur trip to Brookhaven NY, Smith Point Park Beach, and William Floyd Pkwy in Shirley NY to scout out commercial filming locations for our son Alec's production company. We had some fun and dinner along the way.
Jul 30, 2015: Stefanie flies to SLC and drives with Annie to CA, and celebrates Jackson's 6th birthday. Stef gets her crown for her implant. Stefanie returns to NJ on the 11th.
Jul 03, 2015: Hill Cumorah Pageant with daughter Annie. Cast costume fitting, learning parts, missionary training workshops, and 5-days of evening performances through the 19th.
Jun 21, 2015: Dodger game with family while in CA
Jun 17, 2015: Trip to CA for our daughter Annie's Mission return (after 18 months) on the 26th.
Jun 06, 2015: We missed the SPHSAA Annual Alumni Picnic
May 15, 2015: Trip to Tuxedo NY, Renaissance Fair
May 09, 2015: Trip to Skyland with our friends Linda and John
Apr 05, 2015: Easter Dinner @ David and Amber Clark's in NY
Feb 28, 2015: Ian visits us in NJ with his girlfriend Karen for a few days.
Feb 05, 2015: Stefanie's trip to CA to visit her sister Lynne and to have a dental implant.
Jan 23, 2015: Trip to the NY Metropolitan Museum and dinner with David and Amber Clark, Stef's nephew
Jan 20, 2015: Trip to the NY Metropolitan Museum

Dec 27, 2014: Ian and granddaughter Sofie visit us for Thanksgiving week in our little NJ apartment.
Nov 21, 2014: Trip to California for Stefanie's mother's funeral. A very sad time in our family. Vi Clark was almost 103 but such a vibrant and lovely lady.
Oct 25, 2014: Trip to Kingston, NY and the Trolley Museum (CLICK HERE)
Oct 17, 2014: 37 Years Ago Today I Proposed to Stefanie
Oct 12, 2014: Vernon, NJ Harvest Festival
Oct 11, 2014: Service Project at Liberty Stake Park, NJ
Oct 04, 2014: A Weekend in the Adirondacks
Sep 20, 2014: Historic New Bridge Landing in Hackensack NJ
Sep 01, 2014: Trip back home, crossing the Hudson River
Aug 31, 2014: Trip to Danbury & Ridgefield CT. Flea market, etc.
Aug 30, 2014: Trip to Hyde Park, NY, Roosevelt Museum
Aug 29, 2014: Trip to Poughkeepsie, NY, stayed with friends
Aug 12, 2014: Flew from CA to UT. Spent a week with granddaughter
Aug 05, 2014: Grandson: Jackson's 5th birthday!
Jul. 30, 2014: I flew to CA. Spent 2 weeks in Moorpark, CA with family.
Jul. 19, 2014: Trip to East Aurora, NY. Previous home 19 years ago.
Jul. 18, 2014: Trip to Palmyra, NY to see the Hill Cumorah Pageant
Jul. 18, 2014: Trip to Palmyra, NY to see the "Sacred Grove".
Jul. 13, 2014: New Bedford Whaling Museum. New Bedford, MA
Jun. 27, 2014: Weekend in PA, Mountain Autoharp Laurel Gathering
Jun. 14, 2014: Weekend on Long Island, NY - a hidden beauty!
May 26, 2014: Lyndhurst Castle, NY
May 24, 2014: Northampton, MA. Family History Trip
May 17, 2014: Waterloo Village, NJ. Awesome step into the past.
May 10, 2014: Day Trip to Chester, NJ. Cool little town to visit.
May 10, 2014: The Hermitage, HoHoKus, NJ
Apr. 18, 2014: Branch Brook Park, Newark, NJ and Sacred Heart Cathedral
Apr. 12, 2014: Grover Cleveland's Birthplace in Caldwell, NJ
Apr. 05, 2014: Newport, RI. Traveled the Ocean State
Apr. 04, 2014: Wickford, RI. Visited Linda
Mar. 26, 2014: Granddaughter: Lucy's birthday
Mar. 15, 2014: American Folk Art Museum, Manhattan, NY
Feb. 22, 2014: Visited the NJ Aviation Museum

Dec. 17, 2013: Visited family in SLC, UT
Dec. 13, 2013: Visited family in Moorpark, CA
Nov. 23, 2013: Visited friends in North Kingston, RI
Oct. 05, 2013: Cape May, NJ for the weekend. So fun!
Sep. 21, 2013: Fort Lee Historic Park, NJ.
Sep. 14, 2013: Renaissance Faire in Tuxedo, NJ
Aug. 31, 2013: Colts Neck, NJ and Pleasant Valley Lavender Farm
Jul. 26, 2013: Toured Gettysburg
Jul. 08, 2013: Our 35th Wedding Anniversary
Jul. 05, 2013: Tiverton, RI, visited friends

February 2013: Downsized from a 3600 SF home in sunny CA to a cozy 1000 SF apartment in Bergen County, NJ.

November 2012: Getting ready to move to New Jersey to be closer to an investment project in Eastern Kentucky. Stefanie moved and works at Toys R Us headquarters as a toy design manager.

June 2012: The Grand Reunion & our 40-Year Reunion. What a blast!

Pastimes & Hobbies:

1) I love photography and traveling with Stefanie
2) I'm a movie nut and passed that on to my kids.
3) I love to get out to walk-jog-run, hike, lift weights.
4) I love to spend time with my grandkids and tickle them every chance I get!

Favorite Music, Songs, Bands

Back then in the 60's:

The Beatles, The Who, The Beach Boys, The Doors, Led Zeppelin, Cream, Pink Floyd, Procol Harem, Iron Butterfly, Moody Blues, Steppenwolf, The Moody Blues

Back then in the '70s: (some cross-overs from the '60s)

King Crimson, Yes, Jethro Tull, Genesis, Emerson, Lake & Palmer, The Moody Blues, Electric Light Orchestra, Aerosmith, Boston, Santana, Foreigner, The Beach Boys, The Doobie Brothers, The Guess Who, Poco, Van Halen, Deep Purple, Steely Dan

I still listen and enjoy those bands music from the '60-'70s.

I later developed a taste for New-age music like Enya's combination of classical, new age, Celtic, folk elements.

Favorite Books, Magazines, Movies, TV etc:

I used to read a lot of Sci-fi and fantasy but I'm more visual.
I love sci-fi, fantasy, animation, action-drama, and love stories!

I don't have over-the-top standards about movie-going and critiquing how good a movie is. If it's enjoyable and has fairly decent acting, a good storyline, and some action or romance I will give it a high score. If I feel good and enjoyed what I saw with Stefanie when I leave the theater, that is the most important criterion. Of course, sometimes I do go by myself.


11/11/19: (10) Midway
09/20/19: (10) Downton Abbey
08/31/19: (10) Peanut Butter Falcon
08/01/19: (10) The Fighting Preacher
07/16/19: (10) Spider-Man: Far From Home
07/11/19: (10) Yesterday (a brilliant twist on the Beatles!)
06/28/19: (10+) The Other Side of Heaven 2
06/20/19: (10+) Toy Story 4 - the best one yet... bring tissues
05/24/19: (10) Avengers: Endgame
04/12/19: (10) Dumbo - perfect for grandkids
04/06/19: (10) Shazam - perfect comic book fantasy action
04/06/19: (10) Captain Marvel
03/25/19: (10) How To Train Your Dragon 3- perfect/grandkids
02/18/19: (08) The Lego Movie 2-perfect for grandkids
01/12/19: (10) Mary Poppins Returns

12/31/18: (08) Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse (animation)
12/25/18: (10) Bumblebee - nostalgic 80's
11/16/18: (10) Bohemian Rhapsody
10/19/18: (10) Emma and Jane
08/28/18: (10) Alpha
08/07/18: (10) Christopher Robin
08/01/18: (10) Mission Impossible: Fallout
07/17/18: (09) Skyscraper
07/04/18: (08) Won't You Be My Neighbor
07/03/18: (08) Antman and the Wasp
06/30/18: (10) Incredibles 2 - perfect with grandkids
06/02/18: (10) Solo
05/28/18: (10) Avengers: Infinity Wars
05/11/18: (10) Black Panther
05/10/18: (10) A Quiet Place
04/18/18: (08) Ready Player One
02/07/18: (10+) The Greatest Showman
01/01/18: (10) Star Wars: Episode 8, The Last Jedi

11/23/17: (09) Wonder
09/01/17: (08) We Love You, Sally Carmichael
08/12/17: (08+) Dunkirk
06/09/17: (08) Captain Underpants - perfect for grandkids!
05/31/17: (10+) Wonder Woman
05/16/17: (10+) Guardians of the Galaxy 2
04/10/17: (6.5) Ghost In The Shell
03/09/17: (08) The Arrival
03/07/17: (08) Passengers
02/21/17: (10) Hidden Figures

12/22/16: (06) La La Land (could have been so good :-(
12/22/16: (10) Rouge One: A Star Wars Story
12/02/16: (09) Deepwater Horizon
11/26/16: (10) Doctor Strange
11/24/16: (10) Moana - perfect w/grandkids!
11/24/16: (10) Fantastic Beasts & Where To Find Them
10/21/16: (9+) Sully
10/01/16: (07) Miss Peregrin's Home for Peculiar Children
09/28/16: (8+) Spirit of the Game
09/20/16: (7.5) Florence Foster Jenkins
09/16/16: (06) Ghostbusters [a chick flick]
09/02/16: (09) Kubo & 2 Strings - perfect with grandkids!
09/01/16: (10) Warcraft - a sleeper fantasy
08/01/16: (09) Captain America: Civil War
07/30/16: (08+) Jason Bourne (intense action, non-stop)
07/25/16: (10) Stark Trek: Beyond
07/08/16: (10) The BFG (don't care what the users/critics said)
04/22/16: (08+) 10 Cloverfield Lane
04/21/16: (10) Jungle Book
02/05/16: (10) The Martian

12/31/15: (10) Brooklyn
12/25/15: (10+) Star Wars VII, The Force Awakens
12/08/15: (09) Specter
11/28/15: (07) Inside Out
11/26/15: (08+) The Good Dinosaur
11/10/15: (08) Bridge of Spies
10/17/15: (08+) The Intern
08/15/15: (08+) The Man From U.N.C.L.E.
07/31/15: (10) Mission Impossible/MI Rogue Nation
07/31/15: (10) Ant-Man
06/29/15: (08+) The Cokeville Miracle
06/20/15: (08) Insurgent
06/18/15: (09) Furious 7
06/16/15: (09) Jurassic World
05/25/15: (06) Tomorrowland (environmental agenda ruined it)
05/12/15: (09+) Avengers: Age of Ultron
03/17/15: (10+) Cinderella
02/20/15: (07-) Kingsman: The Secret Service
01/20/15: (09) The Imitation Game
01/06/15: (07) The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies

11/11/14: (08) Interstellar
08/22/14: (08+) The Giver
08/11/14: (06+) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
07/31/14: (10+) Guardians of the Galaxy
07/24/14: (02 ) Lucy <--- (very disappointing)
07/15/14: (09+) Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
07/11/14: (10 ) America: Where Would We Be Without Her
06/30/14: (10+) Edge of Tomorrow
06/03/14: (10- ) Maleficent
05/30/14: (09 ) X-Men, Days of Future Past
05/06/14: (10+) Captain America: Winter Soldier
03/25/14: (07 ) Mr. Peabody & Sherman
03/08/14: (09 ) Non-Stop
02/17/14: (06 ) Monuments Men
01/03/14: (08 ) Secret Life of Walter Mitty

12/25/13: (10 ) Saving Mr. Banks
11/26/13: (08 ) Hunger Games 2
11/21/13: (10 ) Thor: The Dark World
11/18/13: (10 ) Ender's Game
10/19/13: (08 ) Gravity
09/05/13: (08+) Elysium
08/16/13: (10 ) The Wolverine
07/06/13: (06 ) Now You See Me
05/31/13: (10 ) Star Trek: Into The Darkness
01/04/13: (8.5 ) Perfect Pitch

12/24/12: (10 ) Lincoln
12/22/12: (10 ) The Hobbit
11/25/12: (10 ) Skyfall
11/09/12: (10 ) Premium Rush
08/15/12: (9.5) Moonrise Kingdom
08/09/12: (05) Bernie
05/30/12: (07 ) Men In Black 3

12/28/11: (08+) Sherlock Holmes

Here's when I started keeping track (with my YNAB app) about the movies we've been to.

Additional Comments:

Our family loves going out to the movies especially when we gather for the holidays. We'd always see 1-2 movies together during Thanksgiving and Christmas.

I took the kids when they were young to a lot of movies!

My sons have carried that love of those movies into their current lives and I am definitely proud of them.

Alec has his own successful production company. Check out He started out doing a lot of music videos and now is known worldwide for producing awesome commercials. He actually travels all over the world to meet with his clients and is on set during productions.

Ian is a screenplay writer, works with his brother long-distance, and provides script coverage services (analysis and feedback) proofreading, formatting assistance, story and show bible analysis, script doctor services, and screenwriter mentorship.

Stefanie and I just love and continue to go to movies whenever we can. It's not only a fun date but a very therapeutic pastime.

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My condolences to the Hupp family on the passing of Patricia 'Tita' Tibbetts Hupp. 

It's so serendipitous how looking at a photo I just realized (after 48 years) our interesting connections... 

(1) Thinking back, I met Mrs. Hupp only once for a brief introduction by her daughter at her home in San Gabriel, CA. This short meeting in their living room was for (as I recall) the 16th birthday party of their daughter Ginny Hupp. I was 18 at this time and I actually had a bit of a crush on Ginny.

(2) Just recently I realized that Patricia most assuredly knew my mother (Betty La Verne Gore) in high school!  They were both South Pasadena High School graduates in 1949!

It's so interesting how connected we all are and how our paths have crossed in life. I received the above photos from Patricia's son (Keith Hupp) just this past February 20, 2020. When looking at the color photo all of a sudden the name Hupp clicked! I realized that I knew Patricia's daughter (Ginny Hupp) who is standing behind and just to the right of her. 

Ginny and I knew each other in high school. That happened because although I grew up in South Pasadena all my life, I went to San Gabriel to church and for a short period of time to participate in their gymnastic program. 

Ginny was two years younger than me and we both attended Trinity Lutheran Church in San Gabriel. Although we lived in South Pasadena, my family had attended Trinity since I was in the 6th grade. There were three other South Pasadena High School families who had kids that were fellow Luther Leaguers... they were Janet Clark, Jim Kopp, Walter Kopp, Jan Nord, and Robin Nord.

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Apr 25, 2019 at 1:49 PM
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Jun 30, 2017 at 1:33 AM
Jul 24, 2016 at 5:45 PM
Attending the 2016 All Alumni Picnic in June the week after we relocated from New Jersey to Utah. We're still both on the SPHSAA Board of Directors.
Jun 30, 2016 at 1:33 AM
Jun 30, 2015 at 1:34 AM
Mar 20, 2014 at 4:17 PM
Mar 20, 2014 at 4:15 PM
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Posted: Jul 24, 2016 at 5:48 PM
Attending the 2016 All Alumni Picnic in June the week after we relocated from New Jersey to Utah. We're still both on the SPHSAA Board of Directors.
Posted: Mar 09, 2014 at 9:00 PM
Stefanie & Bruce - January 2009
Posted: Dec 16, 2013 at 8:59 PM
Bruce & Stefanie - December 1977 (When we were engaged!)
Posted: Dec 16, 2013 at 8:59 PM
We took off for lunch to this great little French Cafe. The food is incredibly good.
Find it at:
Posted: Dec 16, 2013 at 8:59 PM
August 2010, overlooking the Grand Canyon. Bruce & Stefanie, daughter Annie-18, Stefanie's mom, Vi Clark-98 (100 Yrs old February 2012!) and daughter Amy-28
Posted: Dec 16, 2013 at 8:59 PM
Our kids in 2000. Oh how they grow so fast! Annie, Ian, Amy & Alec.
Posted: Dec 16, 2013 at 8:59 PM
Jessica, Ian, Stefanie, Amy, Jon, Bruce, Annie, Alicia, Jackson, Alec
Posted: Dec 16, 2013 at 8:59 PM
Alec, Annie, Me, and Ian - March 2011
Posted: Dec 16, 2013 at 8:59 PM
Family Photo at our August 2008 BBQ. Left: Stef's niece Emily, husband Ben and Nikki in front. Front in blue: Amy Eskander, my oldest daughter. Back row: Alicia & Alec Eskander (my son), Doug Hopkins, Bruce Hopkins w/hand on wife Lynne. Right: Julia & Jesse Clark, Stef's nephew & his wife. Front Row: Vi Clark (she's 97!), Stefanie Eskander & Lynne Hopkins (Stef's mom & sister).