In Memory

James Culver - Class Of 1975

Jim Culver

June 3, 1956 - November 15, 2020


I became friends with Jim in the 7th grade. We used to play fight and lift weights and dance with his sister and his sister's friends to the Jackson Five. We became inseparable for nearly three years. We were as close to brothers as one can be without actually sharing blood. We sort of drifted apart in later years, girlfriends, etc...but we were always there for each other. Jim was a kind soul, he loved animals and left behind his dog, an old pittie, Buster Brown. 

Jim died in his sleep, November 15. He was always healthy and physically fit. He stayed that way for his remaining life. He looked younger than he was. Probably that Colorado air. I believe that he also boxed in the Golden Gloves for several years.

See you in Paradise, rest in peace my brother.

J.C. Parman '75