*Veterans Survey

The "Military Tribute" page is dedicated to the alumni, teachers and guest members of South Pasadena High School who served in the Armed Forces. We invite you to send in your stories and photos. We are honored to post those items on this page.

Thank you for what you did for us and for our country.

Please fill out the information below and feel free to send photos of yourself in uniform and other memorabilia of your years in service. We will publish your story under your name on the "Military Tribute" page.

Email stories and scanned photos to alumni-records@sphsaa.org or mail to SPHSAA, PO Box 1219, South Pasadena, CA 91031-1219.

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1)   In what branch of the military did you serve?

2)   Dates of service:

3)   Rank:

4)   Special schools or training:

5)   Medals, Commendations or Service Awards received:

6)   Duties:

7)   Where were you stationed?

8)   Please share your memories: