Laura L Morgan

Profile Updated: October 3, 2011
Laura L Morgan
Class of 1966
Residing In: Los Angeles, CA USA
Spouse/Partner: Not married
Occupation: Geriatric Care Manager
Yes! Attending Reunion
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Hi, all! I have such fond memories of growing up in South Pas., and didn't fully appreciate that until just a few years ago.

After quite awhile in the corporate world -- serving as media spokesperson for the L.A. Times and some non-profit work -- I am now my own boss. Have my own private geriatric care management practice, which is very rewarding. What's that, you might ask? I'm a kind of social worker who specializes in older adults and all related issues. I work with quite a few baby boomers who are struggling to make the right decisions for their aging parents. They're stressed and in the dark, never having having faced these problems/issues before. I counsel and advise, and connect with with local resources that will address their issues. Like to think that I save people time as well as money by helping them make the right decisions for their loved one(s).

After years in the private sector and working for too many bad bosses, it's great to be my own. boss.

Occupation/Career(s) Details:

See above

Different places I have lived:

West L.A., Pasadena,Glendale, Los Angeles (I know, I know, I've really traveled far!)!

Family history living in South Pasadena:

We moved in when I was 3 and the rest is history.

Family members who also went to SPHS:

My brother, Hank, is in the class of '64. He and I had a great time dating each others' friends. He in fact married one of mine: Candy Fisher

Other SPHS graduates I keep in touch with:

Michael Spence, Sherri Lloyd Garoutte, Candy Fisher Morgan.

School Memories:

Major crush on Steve Barnes. Waking up at slumber party with potato chips crammed into my mouth. Miss Burr (she taught me so much!). Tigerettes. Working on the Tiger newspaper. Major crush on Steve Barnes. More of major crush on Steve Barnes. Long phone conversations with Candy Fisher (now my sister-in-law). Music of the 60s. Miss Lauer playing Bob Dylan singing the times they are a changing. Learning to make out from one of my brother's friends (a first-rate teacher!)

Milestones & Epiphanies:

Growing into my own skin and liking myself, which happened sometime in my 50s. (Am a late bloomer!)

What's happening in my life now:

Have great, rewarding career and am my own boss.

Golf is good.

Cooking is a great creative outlet.

I make mosaic pots and bird houses and sell them at the L.A. County Arborteum gift store.