Saundra Marie Jones Wiggs

Profile Updated: July 30, 2009
Saundra Marie Jones
Class of 1968
Residing In: Naples, FL USA
Spouse/Partner: Single
Children, Grandchildren: Josh, born 1976; Jesse born 1982; Christina 1989
Occupation: Real Estate Broker/Associate; Server
Yes! Attending Reunion
Occupation/Career(s) Details:

I am currently attending Edison State College, finishing what I started some 30 plus years ago. Spring break at age 58 is fun. I will have one more class after this term to graduate with my AA. Not sure what I want to be when I grow up, more then likely something in the marine or environmental field, possibly histology (I love the microscopic world).

Different places I have lived:

Florida Keys, Marco Island, Naples

Milestones & Epiphanies:

When I move to Florida in 1974, I met my former husband Howard. He was a boat builder in the Florida Keys. He asked me if I would like to help him build a sail boat; very unique pick up line. I said "why of course", we built the 33 ft. sail boat, lived aboard for approximatley 3 years. We sailed around the Carribean for a little over a year, our first son Joshua had his second birthday in the Islands. I loved that life. We sold the sail boat, and built a 54 ft. commercial boat for the purpose of trapping stone crabs and lobster. Very profitable in the Keys. Moved into a house that we purchased in Marathon, (middle of the way to the end of the keys, or Key West). Howard met Fredrico Bourbone, a diplomate from Costa Rica; he invited us to Honduras to research the possiblility of starting a lobster industry for Honduras. We lived on an Island called Utila....I LOVED IT...had my second son Jesse. The lobster in Honduras were the largest I have ever seen, but not enough of them, there is too much of a drop off for the lobster to travel along the bottom of the sea. Fredrico asked us to come to Hoduras and start a fishing company; sounded like a great idea. I enjoyed Costa Rica, unfortunatley Fredrico had plans to steal our boat. He wanted us to sign a contract that was written in Spanish. Howard and I could both speak enough to get by, in Honduras everyone speaks spanish only, and almost everyone in Costa Rica as well, but whne it comes to signing a 12 page legal contract, we took it to an interpreter, who told us that Frederico had a clause that said he could use our boat as collateral, to borrow money and place a lien on it...OUCH..we owned the boat free and clear of any liens or bank debt. So that ended our relationship with Frederico and we came back to the states. I really enjoyed those years.
Howard and I grew apart, other woman found him attractive, and he did not have self control in that department, so that was the end of that, we are still good friends.
I re-married Mark, had Christina, my little mini me, and 22 years later we have gone our separate ways, nothing exciting at all with that relationship.
My three children are my best friends, they all live very close to me. We go to the beach together, and just basically enjoy eachother.

Pastimes & Hobbies:

I paint, collect shells, have a dog a cat and and african grey parrot. Love the beach, I live a 10 minute drive to the gulf. I enjoy yoga.

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