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Profile Updated: March 20, 2009
Pamela 'Pam' Abbott
Class of 1983
Residing In: Rohnert Park, CA USA
Spouse/Partner: Yep. I've got one!
Children, Grandchildren: One Son, age 13
Occupation: College Professor
Yes! Attending Reunion
Occupation/Career(s) Details:

I am working as a professor of Gerontology (Human Aging) at three different NorCal Universities - get to work from home as an online curriculum designer.

Different places I have lived:

Moved from South Pasadena in 1989 to Sonoma County. Been here ever since - nestled in the California Wine Country!

Family history living in South Pasadena:

Lived in South Pasadena from age 2 to 25 on Fair Oaks Avenue (south of Huntington Drive). Attended Oneonta Elementary, SPJHS and SPHS. Family still there, but starting to scatter to the East.

Other SPHS graduates I keep in touch with:

Facebook has reintroduced me to a ton of former classmates who I was sure had long since forgotten me! It's great to reconnect with people without the baggage of high school.

School Memories:

I was the classic marching band/choir "geek" and loved every minute of it. The wonderful people that I met helped shape me into the person I have become. I will truly never forget returning the the band room after a home game, and finding that someone (we all know who) had engineered a way to park a pickup truck INSIDE the band room. He had disassembled the doors, picked the locks, hotwired the truck, parked it, reassembled the door and locks - all during the second half!!!

Milestones & Epiphanies:

Character building can be painful. High school is character building. Enough said.

Pastimes & Hobbies:

In my spare time, I am a theatrical costume designer. All that performing in Mrs. Miller's "Singers Unlimited" really came in handy!

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