Robin Lane Estey Sabersky

Profile Updated: May 20, 2010
Robin Lane Estey
Class of 1964
Residing In: Atascadero, CA USA
Spouse/Partner: Ray Sabersky
Children, Grandchildren: The loves of my life! I have one son, Greg (41), who lives with his fiancee, Kris (who is also the More…mother of his two darling kids) in Austin, TX. My grandkids are Charlotte, just turned 5, and Victor, 3. I visit Austin about every 3-4 months to get my "fix."
Occupation: Retired -- Yea!!
Yes! Attending Reunion
Occupation/Career(s) Details:

I cashed in on my ability to type veeerrry fast and became a Secretary to the world, it seemed! Then in the 80's, I started my own business--Robin to the Rescue, a business support service in San Luis Obispo--until I retired in 1998. Basically, I just got too "square-eyed" working the computer all day, and then I took up golf! At first, I played just on the weekends. Then I found myself golfing more and working less! I got hooked on it and that's what I do most every day now (well, almost!).

Different places I have lived:

Orange County in the 70's - 80's, then up to the beautiful Central Coast of CA for the remainder.

Family history living in South Pasadena:

My Dad, Bob Estey, graduated from SPHS in 1936, my brother, Jim, in 1957 -- then me ('64 - yea!), and then my sister, Barbara, in 1975. I lived on LaFrance Avenue from 3rd grade on! What I loved about living there was that everyone knew everyone else! Most of our grads knew each other in grammar school!!

The house we lived in was the house my Dad had grown up in when he was 10. He went to PCC where he met my Mom, Marijean, and they spent the next 60 years harmoniously together, making beautiful music, and teaching others to do the same! They are both gone now, and the house has has another life experience.

I loved South Pas and everything it stood for. I truly believe that I lived the "Father Knows Best" lifestyle. My parents worked hard, but we were always together as a family, sharing what So. Pas. had to offer!

Family members who also went to SPHS:

See family history above.

Other SPHS graduates I keep in touch with:

Sorry to say, my best friend, Carolynn DeLellis, died at 30 years old from Lupus. We called each other "sisters" as we looked very much alike. I'm hoping to catch up with all the 64's from '64 this year! Ha! I'll still be 63 and probably the baby of the class (birthday in February). Ellen Seymour and I are in touch and I know we'll get together sometime soon!

Milestones & Epiphanies:

You never know where the next great "idea" will be coming from . . . or, even the next great husband! I'm no Liz Taylor, but I finally got it right the 3rd time! There are no words for grandkids and the feelings they evoke, but one that sticks, is "I can always go home at the end of the day! Oh yeah!" They are truly amazing to experience and appreciate at this age.

What's happening in my life now:

I'm enjoying my family trips to "Awesome Austin" and golf get-aways to ANYwhere! Love Hawaii, love Portugal even more. But California (and Atascadero) always will be home base.

Pastimes & Hobbies:

Still love my music, being classically trained on violin and piano. Gave up the violin, kept the piano going after inheriting my mom's 1912 Knabbe baby grand. LOVE it. I stick to the "Oldies" for my listening pleasure; however, my son is now managing and producing hip/hop groups, and his kids have inherited those genes(sooo into rock and roll), so I am being dragged into this genre (even KISS again -- the grandkids know ALL the words to most of their songs).

GOLF, GOLF, GOLF! I got down to a 6.7 index, but can't play to it now (that's the last excuse you'll hear from me about my golf game!).

Favorite Music, Songs, Bands

See above. Mostly, anything by the "Temptations."

Favorite Books, Magazines, Movies, TV etc:

Love anything by John Grisham and David Baldacci. Old movies, anything on TCM. Favorite shows right now are Saving Grace, Nip/Tuck, Brothers & Sisters, NO REALITY shows except Amerian Idol (of course, it's about the music!). Oh, and I can't forget Suze Orman! DENIED!!! You gotta' love her (if you can stand listening her!).

Additional Comments:

Life is Good -- I'm enjoying great health and will continue to travel while the gettin' is good! We have a rotten cat, "Knickers," who barely tolerates us ... named him after Payne Stewart because he looks like he's wearing "Plus 4's."

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Bill, what a nice tribute to your friend, Gene!  I so enjoyed seeing the pictures and reading about his life... so full, so accomplished!  And a lovely family ... my heart goes out to all of them!  No matter what our backgrounds were in high school, nor whom we hung out with ... we were, and still are, all connected to this wonderful town we grew up in, So. Pas.  And in school, we really did “know” everyone!!  It was a youth well lived and experienced.  Im so sorry for the loss of a good friend!

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