Donna Young

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Alhambra, CA USA
Children, Grandchildren:
Three children, John 45 Kathie 40, Jennifer 38. Two grandkids, Anthony 18 and Autumn 16

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Occupation/Career(s) Details:

After 36 years in the banking field I retired.

Different places you have lived:

California and NV

Family history living in South Pasadena:

My mother Lorraine (Goodnoe) Young went to South Pas as well as us three girls.

Family members who are SPHS or SPSMHS grads:

Mother, Lorraine (Goodnoe) Young, sister, Diane (Young) Norris, sister, Joanie (Young) Macha and myself Donna (Young) DuBry

Other SPHS graduates you keep in touch with:

Eileen Chance, Jacquie Marvin, Gabi W., Cheri Monfort, Janet Kennan, Joe Daily, Robert Wheeler, Willie