Collin 'Dennis' Palmerston

Profile Updated: April 30, 2020
Class of 1963
Residing In: Medford, OR USA
Military Service: USNavy  
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Collin Palmerston

Different places I have lived:

Turkey 1959-61, Tacoma and Olympia, WA 1970-75, Glenwood Springs, Carbondale and Aspen, CO 1976-83, all over the West states since then including Sedona, AZ, Mt Shasta, CA...

Family history living in South Pasadena:

Mother Carole born and raised in S. Pas., her father homesteaded in Arroyo Seco before that. Father Powell born in Monrovia, moved to S. Pas, met and married Carole...

Family members who also went to SPHS:

Brother Stephen, class of 1962, deceased; Sister Karen, class of 1970 (1969?) living in Seattle...

Other SPHS graduates I keep in touch with:

Jack Marshall, Teddy Nafius, both 1963

What's happening in my life now:

Remodeling and renovation, Life change and transformation coaching and consulting, providing audio for events, performing as percussionist with international folk music and dance, and as a singer-songwriter-guitarist, caring for my Mother at 93, managing affairs for my deceased father [passed in 2011]...

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Carole Palmerston, age 91, joins Sunday mornings dancers for live Eastern European music and dance at a coffee house in Ashland, Oregon