Mary Batson Holliday

Profile Updated: June 13, 2024
Mary Batson
Class of 1963
Currently residing In Santa Ana, CA USA
My Website & Facebook/Media
Spouse/Partner James Holliday - passed away 2004
Children, Grandchildren Cheryl, Born 1966
Step-daughter Patti, 1966
Grandson Michael, Born 1983
Granddaughter Brittany, More…Born 1992
Great Grandchildren Chevy, Roxi, Remington, Tesla
Occupation Title Retired Purchasing Agent-Irvine Ranch Water Dist.
Yes! Attending Reunion
SPHSAA Membership Status:

Paid through 2026

Occupation(s), Career Details

Accounting & Purchasing background

Other South Pasadena schools I also attended

Lincoln Elementary
South Pasadena Junior High

Different places I have lived

South Pasadena, Bakersfield, Morro Bay, Costa Mesa, Santa Ana

Family history living in South Pasadena

I moved to South Pasadena in 1948 with my parents, and two brothers and one sister. I have two older half-brothers and one who passed away.

Family members who also went to SPHS

My Sister, Joanna R. Batson (Rust) and brother,
Stephen T. Batson, and brother Phillip D. Batson all attended South Pas High.
They have passed away.
I had 3 older half brothers who have passed away.

Other SPHS graduates I keep in touch with are:

Linda Schultz, Marilyn Skinner, Deonne Vaughn Bystrom, Roberta ((Bobbie) Robertson, Marilyn Dege Smith, Gretchen Gayman Robinette, Pat Buttress, Karen Goekel Simons, & many more. Cheryl Spurr (Johnson) who attended Lincoln elementary school and I did have lunch together occasionally. She passed away in 2015.

Best of all, MY BFF Margaret Ray Lackie and I have just re-connected. Answer to my prayers for a very long time!! Margaret lived just two blocks from me. We lost touch with each other years ago but re-connected with the help of the So Pas High reunion in 2010. I was unable to attend but a very big "thank you" to Linda Schultz who gave me Margaret's phone #. We talk just about every day via text, emails and visit each other when we can.

School Memories

Football games, talent contests, Tigers, crushes on boys, and having to wear navy blue or white skirts with white blouses. The skirts had to touch the floor when we kneeled down. However, as soon as the "spy" left, we rolled the top back up.
Love the cooking class so we could make a snack, school assemblies, remember food fights in cafeterial? Funny, but dangerous, would hide under table. I loved field hockey and softball, art, English, history, but disliked algebra, science-ewww!

Organizations, clubs, sports, other groups I've been in at school &/or since

Future Nurses club, Future Business Leaders

Attended Toastmaster's Meeting at my employment.
Was secretary to my neighborhood association when it was being formed.

Pastimes & Hobbies

Home remodel and decorating.
Training my new pup! Work in progress!!!

I was on the SPHS reunion committee during the last 3 reunions. Our 60th reunion held in Sept 2023 was so special & exhausting as so many of us trying to locate our classmates. The reunion was a wonderful success! The joyful gathering closed with all of us singing our Alma Mater! 🤗

Favorite Music, Songs, Bands

See above
Love listening to the 50’s, 60’s, Sarah Brightman, Elton John, Queen, Christian, no rap tho.

Favorite Books, Magazines, Movies, TV, Websites, YouTubes, etc,

TV shows; Many medical series from dramas to operations. Cooking, gardening, mystery series & KTLA morning news.

Hallmark Movies

[Date] What's happening in my life now

I have been retired since 2009; my home is in a very chaotic state right now with the downstairs being remodeled. Update: Home remodel is finished. Just waiting on the final inspection. 2017)
I attend Mariner's Church in Irvine; enjoy gardening, reading, spending time with family, friends and neighbors; remodeling house.

Reconnecting with SPHS kids. Love to visit SP, such a charming town.
Several So Pas ladies and I have lunch together meeting at different restaurants.
Our last luncheon was at Pat Butttress’s beautiful home in Orange, Ca. Time to schedule another get together!!

One last comment...

Married at 18, one daughter, divorced.
Married Jim Holliday in 1976. He passed away in 2004.
Worked for 32 years at the Irvine Ranch Water District.
Retired in April 2009.

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Just sitting here listening to some "Oldies" and the song Quarter to Three by Gary & US Bonds came on.  It sure made me think of Sisi Earnshaw!!  I remember her being so vibrant, full of energy & life in high school and I guess her locker was close to mine? But, she would always be bopping around having fun listening to the music. Did we have our little portable radios then?  Just noticed she passed away at the age of approx. 43.  Anyone know what happened? RIP Sisi? 

Mary Batson '63.