Mary Elizabeth Harmon Finnerty

Profile Updated: July 24, 2014
Class of 1957
Residing In: Sierra Madre, CA USA
Children, Grandchildren: Gary, son and Kathleen daughter
Occupation: Retired
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Occupation/Career(s) Details:

LA County Probation Department, almost forever

Different places I have lived:

San Marino, South Pasadena, Arcadia, Sierra Madre!!

Family history living in South Pasadena:

We moved around a lot...

Other SPHS graduates I keep in touch with:

Jody Spurgin, Jeanine Martin, Rick Whiting Linda Lynch

School Memories:


Organizations, clubs, sports groups, and other groups I (did or do) participate in (in high school and/or now):

Sierra Madre Civic Club; All Saints Chursh Parish Council; All Saints Church Foster Home Project; Healthcare Reform; Courage Campaign; Equality; Animal Rescue Organization; Bridge; AA; Book Club,Symphony, Theater

Milestones & Epiphanies:

The longer I'm alive the more I don't know, but I DO know we're all in this together!

What's happening in my life now:

Loving busy doing so many different things I can't keep them all straight. I'm afraid I won't be around long enough to try and/or do everything I want to...we are so lucky to be able to experience all of this!! 10/17/2009
Last year China, Costa Rica in May

Pastimes & Hobbies:

Travel, read, sleep, dine out (love to find neat new restaurants!!)

Favorite Music, Songs, Bands

What a Wonderful World!!

Favorite Books, Magazines, Movies, TV etc:

Some of my favorite books are East of Eden. Fried Green Tomatoes, Catcher in the Rye, The Great Gatsby,Lolita,Prince of Tides, Reading Lolita in Tehran

Magazines I enjoy include The Atlantic, The Economist, Lucky, O, LA Times, Wall Street Journal

Television shows I watch include Nova, Jon Stewart, Fahreed Zakaria, KCET, Nat'l Geographic

Not a big movie buff, but LOVED Little Miss Sunshine and Fried Green car radio stays at the low end of the FM dial where the public radio and classical stations are, but i am working on syrius!

Additional Comments:

Love to travel...wish I could do more...
In the past 10 years I have been to Greece, Italy, Thailand, India, and the Yucatan. Unfortunately, the world is VERY large, and time may be running out. Plus there's lots to do right in my own back yard!!

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