Reagan Rogers

Profile Updated: January 7, 2024
Class of 2023
Currently residing In South Pasadena, CA USA
Occupation Title University Student
Yes! Attending Reunion
Other South Pasadena schools I also attended

Arroyo Vista Elementary
Oneonta Elementary
South Pasadena Middle School

Family history living in South Pasadena

Multiple generation SP family. They first started with SPUSD in the 1920s and have been attending ever since.

Family members who also went to SPHS

Katherine Rogers (2019)

Other SPHS graduates I keep in touch with are:

Kyra Nielsen (2023)
Brynn Buckley (2023)
Paige Reynolds (2023)
Joshua Ou (2023)
Michael Mayemura (2023)
Ava Dorny (2023)
Aidan Hilger (2023)

School Memories

My favorite memories all come from Senior Year. It was one of the most freeing, joyous times of my life and I just remember it so incredibly fondly. Every day was a new adventure, whether it was just a normal day, or as crazy as color day — they all had an impact on me.

Organizations, clubs, sports, other groups I've been in at school &/or since

Amnesty International Club, Red cross Club, South Pasadena Smiles for a Change Club, SP Track and Field, ASB, volunteer with Huntington Hospital and Children’s Hospital Los Angeles
I now am in the Red Cross Club and MN Future Nurses Association at the University of Minnesota and continue to volunteer with Huntington Hospital and CHLA.

Pastimes & Hobbies

I love to read, watch movies, and especially hang out with friends. A good friend makes all of your worries melt away.

Favorite Music, Songs, Bands

Taylor Swift, Noah Kahan, Harry Styles, Pink Floyd, Queen, The Chicks

Favorite Books, Magazines, Movies, TV, Websites, YouTubes, etc,

Books: Beartown (Frederik Backman), The Five People You Meet in Heaven (Mitch Albom), Perks of Being a Wallflower (Stephen Chbosky), Beautiful World, Where Are You (Sally Rooney)

Youtube Channels: Cody Ko, Kurtis Conner, Danny Gonzalez, Drew Gooden, Hivemind TV

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