Classmate Profiles (1921)

     In Memory: 66
     Contains "In Memory" entry: 3
     Military Service: 3


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Bonnie Anderson  
Ralph J Atkinson  
Esther Bell  
Edris Biggs (Newbury)  
Stephen C "Steve" Bilheimer  
Elizabeth Foster "Betty" Borncamp  
Olive Boyer    
Helen Cramer Brott (Meister)  
Percy Bullock  
Frances Burdge  
Ruth Burnell  
Catherine Burry  
George Caldwell  
Leslie Campbell  
Florence Capps (Hughes)  
Robert Cass  
Mildred Clayton  
Catherine Cooper (Garrison)  
George Coutts  
Charles Cramer  
Dorothy Dolland (Gunderson)  
Merritt Ellis  
Dorothy Engstrum  
George Forster  
Virginia "Jinny" Frazer (Owens)  
Walter Adolph Garmshausen  
Harold Gertmenian  
Pauline Glavis  
Jacob C Groenewegen  
Bodie Hugh "Huie" Hanson  
Howard Harris  
Esther Adelaide Hatch (Smith)  
Nellie Hockenberry (Widney)  
Ulma Marie Hockenberry (Yaeger)  
George Blake Jacobs  
Haruco Kawatsu (Iwasaki)  
Frances Kinney (Miller)  
Marjorie Kipp (Kline)  
Bert Michael Lembeck  
Lorna Linnaman (Tilton)  
John MacLaren Marble  
Ruth Matthews (Grotewiel)  
Mary McEniry (Sturgeon)  
Norma Parker (Rodefeld)  
Lydia Perkins (Lodge)   
George Peterson  
Mariam Pike  
Paul A Reeder  
Florence Shaw (Viano)  
Harold Sheffield   
Charles Sherer  
Helen Smith  
Millie Stewart  
Katherine Stoke  
Lucille Stonebrook  
Wesley Stoney  
Genevieve Sutherland Sweetser (Price)  
Max C Thompson  
Lloyd White  
Vernon Dale "Wick" Wick…    
Martha Williams (Childs)  
Maxine Williams  
Vincent Williams  
Edna Woolridge (Pinkston)  
Clifford Wride  
David W Yule  

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