In Memory

Gwendolyn C. Paden

Gwendolyn C Paden

February 15, 1908 - February 20, 1989

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06/07/09 10:19 PM #1    

"Jb" James Griffin (1973)

I remember Ms. Paden from 9th Grade Art - She was incredible and one of my all time favorites at SP. She brought out the best in all of us

06/13/09 06:06 PM #2    

Karen Clifford (Romano) (1973)

I am with you jim..She was an awesome teacher!!!! What brought us to where we are!!!!!

06/15/09 03:38 PM #3    

Mary Christine Dosier (Lonergan) (1955)

She was quirky, warm and supportive. Hers was definitely my favorite Jr. High class.

10/21/09 04:10 PM #4    

Susan Cowper (1961)

What an amazing lady! Her door was always open...and that included her home on could just knock, and be assured of a grand welcome. I remember everything she taught, the back room where the teapot was always on, the gracious wide spread of her arms to hug you when you needed reassurance. She treated her students respect and received in return our lifetime remembrance.

11/27/10 12:02 AM #5    

Janice S Stimson (1974)

Mrs. Paden was a very special teacher.  She had loving and unconditional energy toward all of her students.  I felt she genuinely cared about me.  I had a tendency to be tardy and she would charge me a dime for each day I was late.  One day I walked into a dark silent classroom and wondered what happened to all the kids.  Mrs. Paden was just playing a trick on me.  She liked and was supportive of all the kids.  The dress code stated a maximum length of boys hair.  We would use her room as the barber shop to trim boys' hair to be in compliance with the rules.  I was never really any good in art, and she didn't hold it against me.   She and I drove around Los Angles looking at mosaics, getting ideas for the senior gift.  I don't remember if our class or the class behind us gave the school a mosaic.  It doesn't matter, she taught me how to appreciate and enjoy art. 

08/28/11 04:21 AM #6    

George Keith Ainsworth (1968)

MRS PADEN WAS A FUN TEACHER, SHE WAS BRAVE, SHE SHOWED US NUDE ART WORK IN JR HIGH, HOW CAN YOU TEACH ART HISTORY WITHOUT NUDES ??? you can't . get the giggles out she said on the first day,, thats life, grow up..she had a big influence on my brother alan. he went on to la art center and became a profesional commercial photogher and traveled all over the world..she's probably a part of the reason i married an art teacher, at least when we were dating i could talk inteligently about art. and since we have been married i've been taken to half the art museums in the country and could really enjoy it..EVERYBODY WHO TOOK HER CLASS WAS BETTER OFF FOR IT, THERE LIVES WERE RICHER WETHER THEY KNEW IT OR NOT..RIP MRS. PADEN

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