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Class of 1956
Currently residing In South Pasadena, CA USA
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Spouse/Partner I lost my wife Lynne in 2017. I married Dorothy Steventon on January 22, 2022. We met in Pasadena Orthodox Presbyterian Church.I am elated with her.
Children, Grandchildren Sarah, born 1969; Anne, born 1971, Nancy, born 1975. I have four granddaughters. Two were born in 2003, More…one in 2005, and one in 2007.
Occupation Title College-university professor
Current Paid Member of SPHSAA

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Occupation(s), Career Details

I taught at Vanguard University for forty years and, formally retired in 2004, though I continued to teach some courses for several years thereafter. I am professor emeritus of botany. I have been teaching part-time at Providence Christian College in Pasadena part of the time since 2005. I have been on the college board from its inception.

Further education, training, certification(s) since High School

I attended Occidental College after graduation from SPHS. I then attended Caifornia State University, Los Angeles and earned my MS in botany there. Later I attended UC Irvine and received a Ph.D. in Biology.

Other South Pasadena schools I also attended

Lincoln Elementary
South Pasadena Junior High

Different places I have lived

I have lived in South Pasadena since 1940, except for about a year in 1965-66, when I lived in Alhambra. That was just before and just after Lynne and I were married.

Family history living in South Pasadena

My parents moved to South Pasadena in 1940. We lived in an upstairs apartment on Bank Street. The location is now part of the athletic field across from the high school auditorium. I have continued to live in South Pasadena since since then, except for the year in Alhambra just before and after my marriage to Lynne I continue to live in the same house with Dorothy, my second wife

Family members who also went to SPHS

Two of my daughters are graduates of SPHS. Sarah (1987) and Nancy (1993) are both graduates. My oldest granddaughter was enrolled in SPHS two years ago as a ninth grader. She now lives in Yucaipa.

Other SPHS graduates I keep in touch with are:

Quite a number of friends from both high school and college have died. I have given careful consderation to my age, and I have concluded that there is very little that I can do about it! I have been in contact with Sue Cresswell Walling and Tad White. I have talked with a few others over the years. I recently connected with Tony Turpin.

School Memories

I have vivid memories of my high school years. However, there are too many to write about now. The teaching who influenced me more than any other was Mr. Gruen in chemistry.

Organizations, clubs, sports, other groups I've been in at school &/or since

In high school I was active in the science club (Cimota). The older Boy Scout group, the Explorers, occupied much of my time. I was also in the Young Life Club. Young Life played a major role in my life. I came to Christ through that organization.

Milestones & Epiphanies

I graduated from Occidental College in 1960. I worked on a teaching credential at California State University at Los Angeles, and earned my M.S. in botany in 1964. Teaching middle school was not my calling! I married Marcia Lynne Mainland in 1966. We were engaged six weeks after our first date. I lost her in August 2017. My Ph.D. in plant ecology was from the University of California, Irvine in 1973. A major event in my life was my marriage to Dorothy Steventon in January 2022.

Pastimes & Hobbies

Photography, plant identification, camping, reading. Despite retirement, I have had very little spare time. Retirement has enabled me to arrange time somewhat, but it has not brought much more leisure time.

Favorite Music, Songs, Bands

Most of the music that I listen to is classical. I also enjoy traditional hymns. Recordings of them are not easily found. Several years ago one of our church members accused me of not liking anything composed after 1700, though that is a considerable exaggeration of my taste in music! I am a supporter of KUSC. I also listen to KMozart online or on AM radio during the day.

Favorite Books, Magazines, Movies, TV, Websites, YouTubes, etc,

I read a wide variety of books and other material. Much of it is on the internet. I also listen to the radio a great deal. That includes conventional AM-FM, and shortwave. Some of my reading is technical. I also read in various areas of history, and I had a minor in that field. For the most part I have little interest in commercial television. I gave up watching it several years ago. I was paying about $100 per month for Tier 2 channels, and I realized that I had not turned on the TV for six months. I orignially ordered it because my Lynne wanted to watch it. I follow a number of websites on the internet. They are historical, political, and religious.

[Date] What's happening in my life now

3/7/2021. My wife passed away in the middle of August 2017. I miss her greatly. I have remained in our home here in South Pasadena. I formally retired from Vanguard University in 2004, though I taught an occasional course for several years after that. However, I have been in the classroom at Providence Christian College in many semesters since then. My wife's declining health precluded my teaching for several semesters. Providence Christian College is a rather new, WASC accredited liberal arts college located on the former campus of the First Congregational Church of Pasadena It is a Christian college that that is based in the Reformed tradition. I am also a member of the college board. I was on the board of Westminster Theological Seminary for some years, and I rotated off in 2011. The Orthodox Presbyterian Church is currently planting a church mission work in Pasadena. I am now attending it, The congregaton has ministered to me greatly. In January and February 2019, I visited Australia, New Zealand, and Fiji. In Feb. and March of 2020, I spent several weeks in Australia. My one regret about the trips was that my late wife could not be with me. I intend to take my new wife to Australia in the fall of either 2022 or 2023. I have an interest in several Southern Hemispheric plant families and genera. I fell on the kitchen floor in the middle of April 2020,, and I broke my hip. I didn't realize it for several weeks. That is a stsory in and of itself, but it includes x-rays thast missed the fracture. Surgery was done to repair it. I have completely recovered from it, and I no longer think about it very much. The care that I received at the Huntington was superb.

One last comment...

What I'd like my classmates to know about me before our next reunion: I have immensely enjoyed retirement. I have been extremely busy. My wife, Lynne, used to say, "Some retirement this is!" I have traveled a bit. I am still vitally interested in botany. The Lord has blessed me with better health than many others my age. I intend to remain active as long as he gives me strength. My daughters and granddaughters are wonderful to me, and they give a great measure of happiness and pleasure. I continue to be active in church and my Christian life. My tax man told me that I will never have an opulent life. I know that, but the Lord has provided me with adequate means to live comfortably. I am grateful to him for his providence to me.

My wife, Lynne, and I were married in 1966. I lost her on August 16, 2017. She had several jobs. Two that were noteworthy, were teaching remedial reading in Christian school and serving as church secretary for 26 years. I nearly lost her in the summer of 2010, due to intestinal problems. Her physician told her that she was a fighter, and that many with her condition would not have survived as long as she did. I meant and married Dorothy Steventon on January 22. I am very happy being a husband again.

My writings, articles, & books: A few things in economic botany at professional meetings. I have also written articles for some newsletters.

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I knew Bruce as a Scout, and later as a very close friend.  He joined the Orthodox Presbyterian Church to which I belonged, and he became my best friend at that time. He used to come to my home after the evening church service and spend time with me and my wife. I miss him to this day. I know that we will be together when I go to be with the Lord. He was interred at the military cemetary at Point Loma. There is a plaque with his name on it in the lawn of the War Memorial Building.  Bruce was very close to his family. 

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